4v4 Matches York 05.11.18

York 1 - 3 Warwick

York split into two teams to take on Warwick at the York Sport Union Arena. The team that played first showed excellent stamina and speed as they pressed Warwick from the start. The opening five minutes were cagey, with both teams having a few chances, before Warwick were awarded a penalty. The Warwick captain stepped up to take the penalty versus our new goalkeeper, Elijah Ssempa, who saved the shot magnificently. Just before half-time, Warwick managed to sneak through the York defence to make it 1-0.

York came out for the second half stronger and more resilient, epitomised by the sheer pace of Nicholas Yates, who was rewarded with an equaliser for York as a result of his unbelievable pressure on the Warwick defence. However, Warwick quickly responded to make it 2-1 and the final few minutes were end-to-end as York went all out to grab what would have been a well-earned draw. Warwick managed to score on the counter attack in the final seconds and the game finished 3-1. The York performance was absolutely brilliant and the players ran themselves into the ground, and were unlucky to come away with that scoreline.

York 2 - 8 Warwick

The second team faced a tough test against the now-wary experienced Warwick players. York got off to a slow start and conceded three goals in quick succession within the first quarter of the match, although the team rallied and created some good chances that on another day could have turned into goals. York went into half-time 4-0 down, but resolved to turn it around as best as possible and get some goals in the second half. York were greatly improved after the break, helped massively by the addition of Alex Straughan to the team. Chee Zheng Yang burst through the middle and slid the ball into the top corner to bring a goal back, and later James McCall sprinted round the outside of two defenders and smashed the ball into the near-post of the goal to bring the game back to a more reasonable scoreline. Ultimately Warwick played very well in the game and deserved their victory, as they were decisive on the attack and solid at the back. But the York team walked away with heads held high as the second half performance was much improved, and with only three players on the team ever having played a floorball match before, this game will prove to give significant and valuable experience going forward.