Alan Pedrassoli Chitayat

Hi I'm Alan, I am the President of the club. I've been playing Floorball for about 4 years now and I love every second of it.

My job as the President is to coordinate the committee and make sure everything is flowing correctly. I do a bit of everything, but I can always rely on the rest of the committee to help.

My main goal for the club is to create a friendly and welcoming environment that anyone and everyone can join and enjoy this great sport with.

Club Captain

Alice Aldridge

Hi, I'm Alice an I'm Captain of York Floorball. I organise and run team training sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays as well as recruiting and getting to know now players. I joined Floorball because it's an easy, fun and fast paced sport to play. The one thing I love about the club is that it has such a great family atmosphere!


James McCall

I'm York Floorball's secretary, so I'm in charge of coordinating email as well as taking minutes at committee meetings. I joined because I'm an ex ice hockey player and the flow of the game feels right to me in floorball, but I stayed for the really great people who come out week in week out. And that's what I like most about the club, we're a friendly group of people who manage to be super competitive and not take ourselves too seriously. For me that's ideal club culture and difficult to find. It's also fantastic to have a chill team sport outside the grind of elite triathlon training.


Andrew Mabbutt

My name is Andrew, and I’m the treasurer for York Floorball this year. My job is to manage the financial side of the club and one of my goals this year is to find us a sponsor. I joined two years ago after seeing the Give It A Go session advertised and have never looked back. What I love about the club so much is how fun and welcoming it was, and still is.

Media Secretaries

Piotrek Przyborowski

Owen Dearman

My name is Owen and I’m one of the media secretaries for University of York Floorball Club this year. My role includes promoting the club on social media and running the website, making sure that all of our members know what’s happening and when. I joined Floorball early last year when finding a new sport to join and haven’t looked back since. What I love most about the club is how relaxed and casual it is. There’s no trials, or pressure to compete in matches. If you want to come to sessions for fitness, to learn new skills, to meet the people, or to train for matches then Floorball is the place to come.

Social Secretaries

Annabelle Jennings

Elijah Ssempa

Tournament Officer

James Clare

Hi, my name is James Clare and I'm a 2nd year student studying Economics and Finance. My job within the committee is being the tournament officer. My job is to organise matches for our club against other universities as well as organising our own tournaments just within the club.

The reason i joined floorball is that i wanted to try something new when i got to uni. When i arrived at freshers fair i had absolutely no idea what floorball was and what it involved, so when i decided to go and try it out i didn't realise that i would have found it so enjoyable. What also kept me hooked was the quality coaching provided by more experienced players that helped me to pick the game up so fast.

One thing i have loved whilst playing for York is its tournaments against other unis, its nice to experience the challenge of coming up against opponents that i have never played before, it adds so much to being part of the club.

Equal Opportunities Officer

Elina Kukk

Kit Officer

Annafleur Broekman