York Floorball

What is floorball?

Floorball, also known as unihockey, is a fast paced variation of indoor hockey played with lightweight sticks and balls. The simplest way to picture floorball is 'ice-hockey but without the ice'. It is traditionally played on an indoor rink with five players and a goalkeeper per team. Matches are sixty minutes in length, split into three twenty-minute periods. Floorball originated in Europe, namely the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is rapidly growing in popularity, from school sports lessons to national teams.

What is York Floorball?

Our floorball club was formed by students of the University of York through the students union, YUSU. After a reprisal of the club, we are now in our fourth year, with almost forty members and is growing year on year . We follow a casual structure of two sessions per week, and no trials or set squads. There is no pressure to compete in our regular friendly matches or tournaments, yet everyone is welcome to if they so wish.

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