Private Lessons

The Yukon directors all believe that one of the best ways to improve as a young musician is to enroll in private lessons. It is an incredible opportunity to get one-on-one training, which is hard to provide in a typical classroom setting. At Yukon we bring out quality musicians to teach and provide quality musical experiences for your child to prepare and work on the fundamentals of playing instruments, band music, CODA/All-State etudes, and solos. If you and your family would struggle to pay for lessons, the Yukon Band Boosters provide financial assistance for eligible students. Private lessons generally occur either after school or occasionally during the school day at either the high school or middle school. For more information feel free to contact the lessons teachers on this page for more information about their private studios.


  • Amanda Thomas

-Cell: (940) 300-3018


  • Taner Jackson

-Cell: (580) 816-0302



  • Ty Matthews

-Cell: (405) 401-5223


  • Erin Milatz

-Cell: (405) 714-4904


  • Kyle Thompson

-Cell: (405) 818-0686



  • TJ Blackburn Pruitt

-Cell: (405) 664-0457



  • Joe Fine *prefers contact via text message*

-Cell: (405) 306-2785



  • Evelyn Talbot

-Cell: (405) 833-9877



  • Timothy Brooks

-Cell: (575) 218-4707



  • Paul Nesper

-Cell: (708) 256-5289


  • Andrew Murray

-Cell: (405) 534-1840