6th Grade Band

Students in the Yukon Band Program will begin in classes that meet everyday with like instruments. We start in the fall with Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion classes. In the second half of the 6th grade year we will have students that are selected to opt for other specialist instruments such as the Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba.

Flute: Mr. Thompson

Clarinet: Ms. Milatz & Mr. Thompson

Trumpet: Mr. Zook

Trombone: Mr. Brooks

Percussion: Ms. Myers

Yukon 6th Grade Band

Recommended Instrument List

Recommended Music Stores:

Edmond Music, 3400 S. Broadway, Edmond

Larsen Music, 4001 NW 63rd St, OKC

Palen Music, 7701 Broadway Extension Hwy, OKC

THE FOLLOWING BRANDS ARE A LISTING OF MOST ACCEPTABLE BRANDS FOR OUR PROGRAM; PLEASE CONTACT MR. THOMPSON WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT BRANDS NOT LISTED (kyle.thompson@yukonps.com). Many times, buying a quality used instrument can be a better choice than buying a new instrument of questionable quality.

- DO NOT buy an instrument that is not one of the brands listed below without contacting us first. Some brands of instruments are very cheaply made. Many of them have problems before they are ever used. These instruments break very easily and frequently, and sometimes music repair shops will refuse to work on them.

All students (except percussion) need – Standard of Excellence Book 1 for their instrument.


- Yamaha, Eastman, Pearl, Gemeinhardt, Selmer, Jupiter

- Nickel silver flutes only. Avoid colorful flutes (purple, green, black, etc.)


- Yamaha, Buffet, Leblanc, Selmer, Jupiter

- Acceptable colors: black, wood finish (dark brown, not usually seen)

o Must include: VanDoren 5RV Mouthpiece, Rovner Ligature, and Reed Case


- Yamaha, King, Blessing, Bach, Conn, Jupiter

- Finish should be lacquered brass or silver plate

o Must include: Bach, Blessing, or Jupiter 3C Mouthpiece. Vale Oil and Slide grease


- Bach, Yamaha, King, Conn, Blessing, Jupiter

- Finish should be lacquered brass or silver

o Must include: Bach, Blessing, Jupiter 6 ½ AL Mouthpiece, or Yamaha 48 Mouthpiece. Slide Cream, Spray bottle


- Yamaha, Innovative Percussion, Ludwig, Mapex, Pearl

o Must include: Bells, Practice Pad, Stand, Drumsticks (Innovative IPLD), Bell Mallets (BAL – 05R), Metronome