Charms Information


1) Go to

2) Hover over the green “Enter/Login” button in the top right corner and then click on

“Parents/Students/Members” from the box that drops down.

3) When it asks for your school code enter: Yukon

4) When it asks for your student area password enter: FIRSTLAST **FIRSTLAST = Your first and last name, all capitalized, with no space between them. If you have multiple versions of your first name (like MATT and MATTHEW) you may have to experiment with the different versions until you find the correct one. If your name has apostrophes, dashes or anything else exotic in it please leave those out. Ask Mr. Zook to look up your login if you have exhausted all possibilities you can think of!

4a) The first time you log in, Charms will ask you to choose a new student area password. This will become you new student area password, and you will use it to log in instead of your FIRSTLAST password.

4b) If you forget your student area password, text Mr. Zook

5) Once you have logged in there are several icons that you can choose from. Most of them are

used internally to manage the band program, but here is one you may be interested in accessing immediately…….

**FINANCES: This link will take you to your individual student account page and will show you all transactions that have posted to your account this year. You can also make credit/debit card payments to your account on this page.


Even the smallest band program requires dedicated students and teachers in order to be successful. But truly outstanding band programs, especially in large school districts like Yukon, require the support of our families as well. We can only provide the type of opportunities that our students expect and deserve if all of our band families provide their fair share of support (both financially and through service work) to our program.


We ask each member to pay band fees each year. These fees go toward payment of the cost of the items they will receive and own and also towards the collective expenses that the entire band program incurs during the school year. These are the ONLY mandatory fees that all band students will be charged for the entire year. Later in the year, students may have the opportunity to participate in optional events for which there will be a charge or will be paying a fee for using school-owned concert band equipment, but no other mandatory fees will be charged. Fees will be charged and are due throughout the year according to the following schedule:

Thursday May 24, 2018 - $50 (deposit for 18-19) + Any balance owed for 17-18.

Wednesday October 31, 2018 - $200

Tuesday January 29, 2019 - $200

Wednesday May 1, 2019 - $200


As a thank-you for those families who help out with service obligations++ we provide band account credits dependent on the number of hours each family has helped. Credits will be applied to your band account according to the following schedule:

Applied to charms in mid-October:

$200 credit if family works 30+ hours from Aug 1 – Sept 30.

$100 credit if family works 15-29.99 hours from Aug 1 – Sept 30.

$50 credit if family works 10-14.99 hours from Aug 1 – Sept 30.

$0 credit if family works 0-9.99 hours from Aug 1 – Sept 30.

Applied to charms in mid-January

$200 credit if family works 30+ hours from Oct 1 – Dec 31.

$100 credit if family works 15-29.99 hours from Oct 1 – Dec 31. $50 credit if family works 10-14.99 hours from Oct 1 – Dec 31.

$0 credit if family works 0-9.99 hours from Oct 1 – Dec 31.

Applied to charms in late-April

$200 credit if family works 30+ hours from Jan 1 – Apr 15.

$100 credit if family works 15-29.99 hours from Jan 1 – Apr 15.

$50 credit if family works 10-14.99 hours from Jan 1 – Apr 15.

$0 credit if family works 0-9.99 hours from Jan 1 – Apr 15.

**Service work credits are applied to each member of a family. For example, if a family with 2 high school band students works a total of 18 hours between Aug 1 and Sep 30, each of the family’s students will be credited $100.

**Work opportunities are available at all home football games, at the Yukon Invitational Marching Contest, at home basketball games, at the Winterguard contest we host and at other events throughout the year. There will be ample opportunities to work events if you don’t wait until near the end of a work period to attempt to fill all of your hours. All opportunities to work events are first come, first served. Securing available service hour opportunities is the obligation of each individual band family. The overwhelming majority of service hours for the entire school year will be available for sign-up on a first come, first served basis at the two parent meetings held during summer band camp.

**Guard-only students (students who participate in fall marching band but do not play an instrument and are not enrolled in band 2nd semester) will be charged the deposit and the October payment only. Likewise, they may participate in the Aug 1-September 30 work period for credits. Winterguard students will be given the opportunity to participate in the 2nd and 3rd work period for credits to their winterguard fees. An explanation of the winterguard fee and credit program will be distributed in November along with the winterguard handbook.

Possible Additions during the fall semester……

--Students needing to purchase footwear (mainly new members and guard members) or special undergarments (guard) will be asked to pay for those items as well. Shoes and tights typically each run under $30.

--Colorguard jackets for students who don’t already have one will be purchased in the fall.

--Students who will be using a school-owned wind instrument during 2nd semester will be charged a $50 fee toward the sanitation and maintenance of these instruments. This is charged in lieu of asking the students to attempt to rent or purchase.

Note: A student’s eligibility and/or suspension status DOES affect whether or not a student will be able to travel and perform with the band, but DOES NOT affect the student’s financial obligations to the band program. The above amounts are due even if circumstances place the student in a position where they are unable to attend or participate in band activities. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.