mckinney performance class

Welcome to the Performance and Live Arts webpage for McKinney Middle School. My name is Lorrie Sparrow-Knapp, or Mrs. S-K. McKinney Middle School students enrolled in this class will spend 2018-19, learning about how performance is not only for the stage, but also applied in our every days lives.



Class Room: 116

Phone Extension: #3116


The work done with Ms. Sparrow-Knapp will encompass:

  • The formation of class company/ensemble with guiding principles and shared goals.
  • Developing skills to increase our confidence in our ability to speak and physically present materials on stage or off.
  • Exploration of our own voices in presentation and music.
  • Exploration of character and different historical texts even through scene, monologue and performance work along with completely new works of theater, developed, staged and performed by our class companies.
  • Learning about culture and society from the 17th - 21st century through the study of style, fashion and cultural mannerisms.
  • Becoming familiar with different jobs and in theater: both on and off stage and behind the curtain.

Below you will find the syllabus for the 2018-19 year as well as links to my Google Classrooms and Calendars with assignment and notices. Please, as a student use your own personal agency to review the document and share it with your parents. There are PERMISSION SLIPS TO RETURN!! Also check in to make sure you are turning your work in on time!

Parents, you should be able to use the calendar to view student assignments by due date. Most of our work is done in class but when items are assigned, you can check the calendar to see what is coming due. Also, if you would like to provide an email address so I might contact you and add you to our Google Classroom, please email me at the above address.

Performance and Live Arts Syllabus.docx