hola yo sra.sanches

Spanish Teacher K-8

Young Scholars of Central PA, CS (YSCP)

About me!

¡Hola! My name is Ángela Sánchez (Señora Sánchez) and I am a Spanish teacher.

My approach to teaching is based on Comprehensible Input delivered in an organic and engaging way to achieve proficient students.

I love to create fun and relevant lessons to help my students feel confident, as they will be able to participate since day one! I enjoy fostering their curiosity while promoting collaboration and social learning.

As and IB educator, I love to incorporate world connections into my classes to develop a sense of belonging, portraying cultures from all around the world so my students understand the importance of being a global citizen.

Finally, my classes are filled with movement, actions, videos, and music, in order to highlight the strengths of all my students.

Here are some highlights of my teaching role:

  • K - 8 Spanish Teacher
  • LatinX Read-In Event Committee Chair
  • Costa Rica Trip Coordinator
  • National Spanish Exam Club Coordinator
  • Foundations of Personal Finance instructor
  • 2019 ACTFL Presenter, Washington DC,
  • 2019 PSMLA Presenter, State College, PA
  • 2018 PSMLA Presenter, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2017 ACTFL Presenter, Nashville, TN
  • 2016 ACTFL Accepted to present, Boston, MA