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Safety Management System

Yorkton Airport is a strategically located in Eastern Saskatchewan for services to Western Canada and northward to the Arctic Airports.

The airport is Certified by Transport Canada to operate as an airport for scheduled passenger services.

Yorkton Airport is operating with a Safety Management System for the airport to provide a safe environment for personnel and for the safe operation of aircraft.

Yorkton Airport operate with a Safety Oversight System with systematically and effective proactive processes, hazard identification and implementation of corrective actions to occurrences reported. All personnel, visitors, tenants and operators are encouraged to submit reports of any hazard identified for the continuous safety improvement of Yorkton Airport.

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Yorkton Airport Safety Policy

Safety Policy

Under the authority of Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part I, Schedule VI, Subpart 7, Safety Management System Requirements, Yorkton Municipal Airport has established a Safety Management System, and, We, the organization of Yorkton Municipal Airport, establishes this Airport Safety Policy with accountability for all airport personnel to follow this Safety Policy for the safe operation of airport and aircraft.

All persons at the Yorkton Municipal Airport are to be safe by their visit to the airport and for airport personnel operating in an environment of hazard-management to keep the airport free from hazards for safe operation of airport, aircraft and personnel and with a standing authorization for all airport personnel to initiate safety action by reporting of any unsafe conditions.

All airport personnel are accountable to safety and to report any hazards discovered, any incidents witnessed, any incidents involvement, any accidents involvement, or any known accidents on the airfield.

Safety objectives is monitored, measured, and tracked to ensure overall airport safety objectives are met. All personnel at Yorkton Airport have the responsibility to perform their duties and activities in the safest practical manner. Regularly Yorkton Airport conducts audits of its processes and procedures to be analyzed in a quality assurance program.

Yorkton Airport is accountable to all persons for are to be safe by their visit to the airport and for airport personnel operating in an environment of hazard-management to keep the airport free from hazards for safe operation of airport, aircraft and personnel.

Safety at the Yorkton Regional Airport and maintaining the confidence of the travelling public in the safety of the aviation industry is vital. Through the introduction of a safety management system we are committing to provide a systemic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing airside safety risks.

By embracing this safety management system, we will be able to establish safety as an integral part of our airport culture which will include:

• Recognizing that safety is paramount

• Minimizing risks associated with aircraft operation

• Develop and continuously improving the airport’s safety process and performance

• Identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing control measures

• Documenting safety activities and maintaining records

• Auditing our system on a regular basis.

This Safety Policy is applicable to, and includes the Yorkton Airport Superintendent and Superintendent Assistant, who are supplying airport services at Yorkton Municipal Airport.

As our extended commitment to safety the Executive Management safety team of Yorkton Airport has established an airport emergency response procedure plan that provides for the safe transition to emergency operations, with delegation of emergency authority, assignment of responsibilities and coordination with community emergency organizations and airport tenants.

Non-Punitive Conditions

Yorkton Municipal Airport operates within a Just Culture environment and have established this Non-Punitive Reporting Policy where job performance is organizational accountability by all airport personnel, including airport superintendent and superintendent assistant while performing contracted airport duties and responsibilities. Within the Just Culture at Yorkton Airport there is Trust, Learning, Accountability and Information Sharing. Anyone who report hazards, incidents or accidents they witnessed or were involved in, are accountable to their job description of performing job, operations, or contract related activities without fear of repercussion, or punitive actions being imposed on their person. Examples of when punitive actions are being imposed are: illegal activity, negligence or willful misconduct. In a Just Culture environment and a Non-Punitive Reporting Policy, Human Errors are consoled, At-Risk Behaviors are coached and Reckless Behaviors are not acceptable.

To be effective our safety management system must work from the bottom up and to do that it must have support from the top down. I am committing to provide that support and encourage everyone to become actively involved in the management of airside safety risk at our airport.

I, Lonnie Kaal, being the Accountable Executive and on behalf of Yorkton Municipal Airport, hereby sign this Safety Policy as my declaration of a clear commitment to safety and my support and approval of this Safety Policy.

Signed on this 20th Day of March 2017 at Yorkton Municipal Airport.

Lonnie Kaal, Accountable Executive