Week of Action

The September 20th to the 27th is the global Week of Action. All Environmental events happening in the valley this week will be on this calander. The goal of this Week of Action is to keep up the momentum built on the September 20th Strike and to start getting all of you involved in community organizing. If you have an event to add or want to organize one send it to us at arizona@youthclimatestrikeus.org.

More information will be released soon so check this page regularly.

Monday: Gather your community

Congregate in a local park, library or restaurant with people in your community who are interested in getting involved with climate activism. Bring food have fun but make sure you make connections and build community. In order to do this work you need support from your community. Think about what action you can take inside your community.

Register your event here: https://t.co/UZigTVt9Gg?amp=1

Tuesday: Voter Registration

Tell your friends, family and strangers to register to vote. Maybe hold a voter registration drive at your school or library. Also make sure your voter registration is updated. Anyone who will be 18 by the November 2020 election is eligible to vote. SRP customers learn about the SRP board and that registration process at srpnet.com/elections. Register to vote in the state of Arizona at servicearizona.com.

Report how many people you’ve registered here: https://forms.gle/KixvwFivRMMegV5D9

Wednesday: Trash Clean Up

This is pretty self explanatory. Get some friends and community members and go out and pick up trash.

Thursday: Flood their offices with calls

We are going to flood the offices of every Arizona Politician with calls about the climate crisis. More information about who to contact and how will be released soon. This is always more fun together, get your community together and write and call in a group. You can also just call at home but you’ll be less nervous if you have a friend.

Friday: Climate Strike II

To wrap up this week of Climate Action head over to ASU Tempe. There will be a second climate strike there. It’s on Hayden Lawn at 10am. Event information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1384645201694757/