Who We Are

Your I.S. Department has been in business since 1998. We started with a state contract and quickly moved to the private sector. We are proudly located in Lewiston Idaho, Sandpoint Idaho, and Spokane Washington. Our goal has always been to be a low cost provider of I.T. solutions. We accomplish this through home offices, rigorous product selection and augmenting our staff with other partners for large projects.

Our clients range from medical to manufacturing and we have built relationships across the country and around the globe that we utilize to provide you with the best support and services available.

Every business has to move quickly, work efficiently, and get the most out of every dollar. We believe technology is an important part of that equation. With the proper team managing your information systems you can start leveraging your technologies and maximizing profits.

We will ensure that you have the right people, systems, and approach to technology that will let you focus on your clients and the services that you provide them.