The Manta Stand

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What is the Manta Stand?

Simply put, it’s

Lemon Bay High School’s store.

You can buy almost anything school spirited, from shirts and shorts to lanyards and clocks! The Manta Stand is located in Room 01-136. We are open before and after school as well as throughout the day. Browse our site to see what we have to offer! Custom ordering available!

The Manta Stand was founded by now principal Bob Bedford back in 1997, then Michael Henry took over in 2009. Melissa Ostrow began to run the store in 2015 and is still running the operations today.

With its humble beginning as a few students selling soda after school, the Manta Stand has now grown to the go-to place for school spirited accessories and clothing. We sell products before and after school, at football games, open houses, and many other school events.

The unique aspect of the Manta Stand is that it is entirely run by students. During a 4th and 5th hour class known as "Business Entrepreneurship" students take on various roles that a real business would have - such as stocking, inventory, and marketing. The hands-on experience that students receive translates into skills that can be utilized in the real workforce.