Punta Gorda Middle Front Office

Office staff Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Student Entry: 8:45am

Late Bell: 9:10am

End of Day: 4:10pm

Phone: (941) 575-5485

Fax: (941) 575-5491

Gates AM Open: 7:30am - 9:30am

Gates PM Open: 3:30pm - 8:00pm

Front Office Entry Requirements: Must have Photo ID

Gate entry: Ring Front office request entrance.

Front Door: Press Airphone button / Photo ID

Schedule a registration appointment and print registration documents.

Attendance Line: (941) 575-5485 (option 2)

Please state the following: Student Name / Contact Info / Reason for Absence

Front Office Staff

Mrs. Pressley

Mrs. Mincielli

Mrs. Kirkus

Mrs. Burns

Pick-up / Drop-off Procedure

Parent Pick-up Area

Morning: Drop off along metal overhang. Pull forward all the way to the "Parent pick up line begins here". When in line, as soon as your car is near the covered walkway, please exit the vehicle. This allows us to move the line quickly in the morning. Please do not wait to reach the doors to let your child out.

Afternoon: Vehicles will follow into 2 lanes. While vehicles are stopped students enter their vehicles. Staff at the front of the lineup will release cars and stop for the next round of loading. Students will wait for the whistle to allow students to enter the vehicle (all vehicles to be stopped). Once all students are loaded into the two lanes a second whistle will blow to have staff release cars to exit the school.

Late Arrival Procedures

To enter the gate please use the button to call for entry by the front office (Please indicated reason for entering school).

Students can be dropped off and request entry to school via the Front Office by use of Airphone

Early Release Procedures

To enter the gate please use the button to call for entry by the front office (Please indicate reason for entering school).

Early releases should be scheduled prior to 3:00pm.

Parents: Please bring your ID to display to office staff (press the gray "airphone" button and present your ID about 5 inches from the camera).

Staff will verify your name with our student's record. You must be on the student pick-up list for the child to be released.

*Tech issues - a paper version will be run out for student sign out.


Security Guard

Barb Statchnik


Officer Terry Chow


Officer Chris Owensby

First Day Packet Info


Bus tracking App for Parents

Student email permission form (2).pdf

Email Permission Form


Student Code of Conduct

2020 2021 Meal Application.pdf

Champs Cafe Info

Medication Policy.pdf

Medical use policy

Dr.Parent Medication Authorization form.pdf

Medication Authorization Form

Purchase accident insurance for your child/athlete

Giving & Helping

Chaperone Application


Volunteer Application


Waiver of Liability Volunteer from

Liability Waiver


Facility Usage Request (Currently Closed)