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My philosophy

My philosophy is that all children are capable of learning and are willing to learn if their interests are ignited and the material is interesting, or ideally, fun; it's finding each child's "light switch". For some children, it's a switch light that comes on automatically because it is a motion detected light. For others it's located outside of the door and you have to find and flip the switch on. There might be some who will challenge you to search for their light bulb in the dark before you can twist it to the on position. Once you illuminate them, you will discover that they are all bright and have the ability to learn. It's just a matter of reaching the child with their natural learning style (audio, tactile, visual, etc) and relating it to something they are interested in and care about. Effective and passionate teachers are aware of their student's strengths and learning styles and align their lessons to complement their student's abilities and interests to foster motivation and productivity. My goal is to motivate and inspire my students to learn and care about what they are learning, so they can make great strides in their education, and grow from it.

About Mrs. Sibert

I am a lifelong resident of the Canton area and graduated from McKinley HS and Kent State University, and am certified to teach grades 1-8. I did my student teaching in 4th grade at Mason Elementary School and after graduating, substituted at various area schools and had three long-term substituting positions in 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 6th grade, all in Canton City Schools. I took a hiatus and worked at the Stark County District Library in the Periodical Department for a couple of years and loved the intellectual stimulation, but missed teaching children so I returned back to the classroom. In 1999, I was hired at St. Joan of Arc, where I taught 2nd grade for two years and then 5th grade for 12 years. I moved to St. Joseph, where I taught 4th grade LA, 5th grade, and 6th grade math for one year before they closed their doors permanently in June 2014. I was then transferred to St. Michael, where I've been for the last four years, and started my fifth year this August. My husband and I proudly support the mission of St. Michael School and are very happy to have our daughter, Alexa, who is a 4th grader, attend here. I take personal and professional development growth very seriously, am a lifelong learner with a deep love of learning, and enjoy learning new things and love sharing my knowledge with my students; I want them to benefit from it and especially acquire a growth mindset. I adore teaching 3rd graders at St. Michael School, am blessed and honored to be your child's teacher, and am looking forward to an excellent & productive year with my precious students.

I'm so happy to have these darlings in my homeroom class.


Students are expected to enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and respectful manner. They are also expected to behave this way in the entire school (including hallways, restroom) and church.

Class Rules:

1. Be Safe

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible


Move down a clip on our behavior plan if one is not ready to learn or is not exhibiting the following rules above. Move up a clip if they show self-control and have exhibited the following rules and were ready to learn. Rewards are earned from showing self-control, being on-task, using good manners, and making good choices that result in good behavior.

The school is part of church property and I expect my students to treat school property with respect. I also expect them to treat each other with respect and to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, the playground, and in every other area of the school building. "Safety is rule #1" is the all-purpose, invisible rule in my class. If they are behaving in a safe manner, chances are they aren't getting themselves into trouble. It also encompasses feeling safe and being able to relax so one can focus on learning and being productive.

Class specials for 2018-2019 year:

Monday- Technology

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Mass at 8:10 am, PE and Art

Thursday- Music and Spanish

Friday- PE and Technology

Our weekly homework sheets.

Due a week later, on Friday or the end of the week if there is no school on Friday.

News, updates, and important information.

Our latest Praise Notes recipients for showing kindness to others. Bravo!!

Our adorable 3rd graders at their Christmas program.

So incredibly thankful to our anonymous donor for our new ActivPanel. We LOVE and enjoy using them to enhance our learning.

Scholastic Book orders are due on Friday, January 18, if ordering.

Photo gallery

All of our beautiful and precious 3rd graders at St. Michael School.

Happy Birthday to you!

Students are not obligated but are welcome to bring in a birthday treat to celebrate their birthday. We do have students with chocolate and peanut allergies in the classroom, so please be mindful of that when choosing your treat to share. I also request that there be no cakes or cupcakes due to the potential mess and cleanup factor involved. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions. I am honored and thrilled to be your child's teacher and am grateful you have chosen St. Michael for your child's education.