2018 Leadership Conference

September 7 - 9, 2018 | Cleveland, OH

Recap & Resources for Chapter Volunteers

Welcome, YCP Teammates!

If you weren't able to attend YCP's 2018 Leadership Conference (or want to review the materials) you've come to the right place! Here we've worked to distill down the top resources, learnings, and improvements that were shared.

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1. #NoMoreNationBuilder - YCP Transitions to YourMembership

Based on the feedback from YCP chapter leaders and a thorough evaluation of current processes, a need to better connect with supporters and members was recognized and a decision to invest in finding a solution was made.

Through a collaboration between the National Staff and a volunteer group of Directors of Technology, known as the Tech Task Force, we condensed the chapter leader feedback as well various chapter leader best practices into a core list of requirements for our next platform to be used in the vetting process.

After a thorough vetting of various platforms and their capabilities, we are pleased to announce YourMembership as our next core platform. It was selected as the best solution with the right tools to accomplish the goals and tasks of each YCP chapter and to propel our organization to next level.

Our aim is to improve chapter leader efficiency, provide real time performance feedback and enhance both chapter leader and member experiences by providing a modern, mobile platform. Click below to checkout the info portal below that we've developed to assist chapters during this transition!

YourMembership Conference Video Clip

YourMembership Conference Slides

YourMembership Slides

2. New Volunteer Application Portal & Flyer

New Leadership & Board Application Flyers Now Available

Leader App Flyer.pdf

Volunteer App Portal & Flyer Video Clip

Recruitment Resources - Conference Slides

Recruiting Resources: New Application Portal & Flyer

3. Staff Provides National Transition Coach to Support Chapters

Angela Solís de Hinze

YCP's Transition Coach

Transition Coach - Conference Slides

Transition Coach Slides

Angela's Experience:

  • Onboarded 160+ YCP Volunteers in 2018
  • 5+ Years with YCP (Dallas & Chicago)

Transition Coach Helps You By:

  • Taking work off your plate with little/no additional time from you
  • Setting up a successful recruiting strategy
  • Making it simple and streamlined to transition to help new leaders get up to speed quickly

Transition Coach Introduction Video Clip

4. Changes to YCP Program Names

Based on feedback from volunteers and members, as well as Staff experience we're rolling out a few tweaks to the names of 2 YCP programs. These changes will go into effect immediately, and you'll see the training and reference materials in Dropbox/Drive, etc. changed by end of 2018.

"St. Joseph the Worker Retreats"

Now Changed to: "St. Joseph Saturdays"

What's NOT Changing:

  • Retreat content: still a reflection on life of St. Joseph the Worker, focused on sacraments (Mass, Confession, Adoration)
  • Retreat Timing: still a half-day Saturday morning retreat
  • Retreat Scheduling: still 2x/year - Advent & Lent

Why Change the Name?

  • Widens the marketing possibilities for those less-engaged in their faith
  • Easier for members to remember
  • Shorter, catchier name - easier for marketing & design work

"Spiritual Direction" Member Benefit

Now Changed to: "Spiritual Guidance"

What's NOT Changing:

  • Faith formation: spiritual guides should still have significant Catholic faith formation and/or spiritual guidance experience (priests, lay consecrated/other religious, etc.)
  • Meeting style: still one-on-one meetings, though spiritual guides could offer small group spiritual direction if they're interested

Why Change the Name?

  • Widens the possibility of finding spiritual guides to include priests who don't necessarily have formal training in spiritual direction, but have significant formation through seminary, etc.

Changes to YCP Program Names Video Clip

5. Coming Soon - Training Grant & Next Steps for Experienced Leaders

Training Grant Application (Early 2019)

Since YCP doesn't current employ enough staff to be in every city to train during transitions, we still want to provide as much support as we can and equip you to have a successful transition.

By early 2019 chapters can apply for a grant from the National Office (could be up to $250) to cover some of the expenses you would incur to host and lead your own training day. Expenses could include: food/drinks, gift for new leaders, special additions (ceremonies, Mass, etc.), team build activity, or other creative ideas you have for a fun and helpful training day.

Next Step: the Staff are developing the guidelines for chapters to submit a proposal for the Training Day Grant.

Ambassador Application Process (Early 2019)

We’re approached often with opportunities where we want to feature our leaders! YCP's most dedicated volunteers can take the next step in their YCP experience (after a term as chapter leader) by applying to become an Ambassador. Opportunities could include:

  • Travel as a YCP Ambassador
  • Radio, blog, TV segments
  • Involvement in YCP Task forces for special projects
  • Join chapter or national board of directors
  • Other speaking engagements: YCP Gala emcee, etc.

Next Step: the Staff are developing a simple application process for YCP volunteers to continue their involvement.

Training Grant Information Video Clip

Grant & Ambassador App - Conference Slides

Training Grant & Next Level Leader Slides

Additional Resources

Review the Full Leadership Conference Slide Deck

YCP Leadership Conference 2018 Recap Slides
YCP Leadership Lifecycle (Combined).pdf

Conference Summary Video Clip

YCP Welcomes New Staff

2019 Training Improvements

Improving Your YCP Team Meetings

The Art of Hospitality

Jennifer Baugh's Introduction Video Clip

2018 Program



5:30PM Welcome Happy Hour for YCP Teammates - come meet fellow leaders as we kickoff the conference weekend!



9:00AM Leadership Conference Welcome

9:30AM Plenary Session 1: Next Level Leader & Plan, Recruit, Apply, Screen

10:45AM Plenary Session 2: Onboarding & Continued Learning Resources

12:15PM Plenary Session 3 Closing the Gap: Increasing Your Impact on YCP's Members

1:30PM Lunch

2:30PM Leadership Conference Wrap-Up


4:00PM Mass (Chapel)

5:00PM Happy Hour (Outside the Chapel)

6:00PM Member Conference Opening (Breen Theatre)

6:15PM Plenary (Bishop Perez: Am I Not Your Mother?)

7:30PM Dinner in Downtown Cleveland (On Your Own)

*Drinks, snacks, and lunch will be provided throughout the day. Friday dinner is on your own.*

Member Conference Continues Saturday and Sunday (Full Schedule Here >>)