• To form at least one team of 5 to 7 members
  • Adventurous, self-starters who like the idea of trying something entrepreneurial and different from a typical internships
  • People who are committed through the good and bad times until the end of Summer 2018
  • UBC students from any faculty/discipline, any year


  • Founder Status for whatever business is created out of Youngblood Digital
  • Get to brainstorm and lead initial product/services experiments
  • Get to shape core values, mission, purpose and brand
  • Get trained on how to run a Holacracy, a new type of "operating system" for organizations better suited for today's fast changing world
  • You get a vastly more interesting story than if you had spent the summer fetching coffee in an internship or mowing lawns.


Membership in Youngblood Digital or its related businesses comes with the following expectations:

  • Speak up, Show up : Staying in communication with the group and being in attendance at meetings.
  • Abide by the structure: Abiding by the Holacracy philosophy, constitution, terminology and protocol.
  • Own your role: Energizing your Role(s) and related Accountabilities with drive, resilience, initiative, good judgment and leadership.
  • Integrity: Following through on the tasks you've committed to simply because you committed to them.


This adventure is going to take grit, creativity, leadership and effort. The following types of people are probably not a good fit:

  • Pessimists
  • Title seekers
  • "Big Brand Name" seekers*
  • Handholdees**

*If you want a big name like Microsoft, then go apply at a big name

** whom crave an authority figure telling them what to do, when to do it and how to do it


  • If you're not the above!
  • You sense a tingle of opportunity for yourself
  • Seek an entrepreneurial adventure
  • Seek self-discovery of talents
  • If you're fascinated by working in a Holacracy
  • If you're bursting with creativity and ideas
  • If you'd like a mentor/coach to help you realize your potential
  • If you'd like eventually to BE a mentor/coach to help younger students realize their potential
  • You like the idea of being a job creator; creating work opportunities for your peers