YSD Data Dashboard

The enrollment data graph for 2017-2018 show that the enrollment for Village Elementary School is somewhat more than 200 students, Coastal Ridge Elementary is somewhat less than 400 students, and York Middle School and York High School are somewhat less than 600 students.

Enrollment vs. School Graph

The male and female enrollment data for 2017-2018 show that 48% of the student body identify as female and 52% identify as male.

Pie Chart of Males vs. Females enrolled in York

The Average Daily Attendance Report versus Attendance graph for 2017-2018 show that attendance rates in all schools approach the enrollment rates. The gap between enrollment and daily attendance increases from K to 12.

Average Daily Attendance Report vs. Actual Attendance graph

Graduation and Drop-Out Rates graph show that York's Graduation rates range from upper eighty percent to mid-ninety percent, and drop-out rates are below five percent. In addition to the 4-year graduation rates shown in blue, the Maine Department of Education releases graduation rates for student cohorts five years and six years after starting high school. State reporting of this information is always a year behind the most recent graduating class and 5th and 6th year data lag one and two additional years.

Grad and Dropout Rates for YHS Graph

The statistics for seniors graph show that 83.6% of seniors in 2016-2017 enrolled in a four-year (71.2%) or two-year (12.4%) college. Approximately 16% of students went on to work, travel, or the military.

Post Grad Endeavors Pie Chart for  2016-17 Seniors

2016-17 National Merit Scholar

2 National Merit Scholar winners, and 1 finalist.

York Schools' Volunteer Program

In 2016-2017 the York Schools' Volunteer Program coordinated approximately 29,000 volunteer hours invested in our schools.

The US value of a volunteer hour is $24.14 (Independent Sector, April 2017); therefore the value of the 29,000 hours is $700,060.