6th Grade Leopard Team

Welcome to the 6th grade leopard team! Your teachers are looking forward to a great year ahead. Sixth grade is an exciting year filled with a variety of enriching learning experiences and a lot of fun.

Mrs. Burne's family- Sam, Lawson, and Charlotte

Mrs. Burne and her son, Lawson, who was born in February 2018.

Mr. Harris with his wife Vivian celebrating with their daughter Anna who got married in July. The bridal shower theme was "Anna in Wonderland." Do you like my Mad Hatter Hat?

Mr. Harris, his daughters Anna and Devon, and Mrs. Harris

Here are Mrs. Bernier's kids: Joshua, Caleb, and Makayla. We visit Funtown on a regular basis and here we are opening day.

Mrs. Bernier and her sister went to Boston to see the Blue Man Group. We were lucky enough to get a Selfie with this guy!

Mrs. Geranis in the garden with a praying mantis! The garden is full of exciting surprises!

Dozer Geranis chilling in the couch! Yeah, he is THAT cute!

The Geranis family out for a kayaking adventure on the York River!