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March 2018

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Autism Awareness

with Maddie and Maya

Gr. 4, Mrs. Marquis and Mrs. Pepin

Autism Awareness: Informational Video

submitted by Mrs. Buckless, coach to the CRES Kids Cabinet

Autisum Awareness.mp4

What are CRES Chats !?

Did you know CRES chats are about what 4th graders believe in? It was a chance for us to share our opinions on solving world problems. We answered big questions and shared information. We also gave people suggestions to help resolve the problem so we can make the world a better place. Did you know that the CRES chats took more than a month to do, and that CRES chats were inspired by TED talks? Well they were! There were four classes who participated Mrs. Pepin, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Kepka, and Mr. Carter’s Classes.

Enjoy CRES Chats!

Jadyn- Bullying.mp4

CRES Chat: Bullying

by Jadyn, Gr. 4, Mr. Carter

CRES Chat: Kids Should Have a Longer Weekend

by James, Grade 4, Mrs. Pepin

James- Kids Should Have a Longer Weekend.mp4
Maya: Eat More Vegetables.mp4

CRES Chat: Eat More Vegetables

by Maya, Gr. 4, Mrs. Pepin

CRES Chat: Homelessness

by Ella, Gr. 4, Mr. Carter

Ella: Homelessness.mp4
Brody and Zeke with ATV

ATV Safety

with Zeke and Brody

Gr. 3, Mrs. LeBlanc

Storm by the Shore

Colin and Noah Interview Mrs. Foster

Colin and Noah interview Mrs. Foster.MOV

Interview with Mrs Spencer

by Jack and Lachlan, Gr. 3, Mrs. Foster

Jack and Lachlan interview Mrs. Spencer.MOV

Pizza Dude

(read with Boden & Ian)

On February 16th Ryan T. Higgins came to CRES to share his books with us.

We got to share our comic book with him!

We also got to have a picture taken with him!

He complimented us on our work and also asked us some questions.

We got his autograph, too!

We had a great time with Ryan, author to author!

(copies of "Pizza Dude vs. the Evil Eggplant" are available in the library or directly from Boden and Ian.)

Interview with Mr. Murphy, Principal of Coastal Ridge

by Mrs. Ring's Class, Grade 3

Mr. Murphy interview w/ Ring's class.MOV
York Boys 4th Grade Travel Team

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