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By Mrs. Ring's Class, Grade 3

Our class has been learning a lot about persuasive writing. We have written many speeches, petitions and letters. We decided to make a newspaper with some of our persuasive work.

We hope you enjoy reading it and that we change your minds!

What is Kamp Koelker?

by Mrs. Koelker's Class, Grade 2

It’s when we got a reward for filling Mr. Potato Head with compliments and we voted for a camping day for our reward. We pretended we were camping and did camp activities.

The teachers decorated the room with a tent and animals and a fire; campfire chairs were brought in.

We learned camping math games and ballpark estimates.

We got to bring in our own blankets and flashlights to use during reading.

We got to read in the tent and around the campfire.

It was a very fun day!

Check out the videos below of us doing work and having snack at camp!

Kamp Koelker.MOV
snack at Kamp Koelker.MOV

How to Keep Chromebooks Clean

with Jackie and Ali

Grade 2, Mrs. Martinec's Class

Immigration Day


Ginny, Braden, and Marshall

Gr. 4, Mrs. Switzer's Class

On Friday May, 2018 immigrants from all over the world immigrated to Ellis Island. The immigrants came from far away countries like Germany, Ireland, and Korea. These immigrants were coming for a better life, food, escaping war torn countries, religious freedom, escaping natural disasters, to escape oppressive government, to get land of their own, and slavery (by force.)

These immigrants went through several inspections like intelligence and fitness. In the intelligence test, you would have to answer simple math questions and spell English words. In the fitness test you would do different physical activities like walking on a balance beam and holding bricks. If you passed every test you would go the clearence station to confirm you passed all the tests and are eligible to enter and live in America. Then you would go to the holding station to take the citizenship test and wait for your fellow immigrants.

There was tons of other stations like the back round station, the Health station, the Character station, and other ones. In the Back Round station, Vocaction Station. The officers of Ellis Island looked inside your baggage to see if there was anything that you couldn’t bring to America. The next station was the Health station. The Health station, was were doctors tested you to make sure you weren’t bringing any sicknesses into America. In the Character station, was where the officers asked you things about you to make sure you wouldn’t do bad things in America.

But if you didn’t pass any of the stations, you would be would have to go to either go to character applies, or health applies to make sure you would be well enough to pass into America!!!!!

To end immigration day, later in the day all the immigrants would take the pride of being an American. They sung these songs: Ellis Island, The Star Spangled Banner, America The beautiful and, This Land Is Your Land. All the immigrants went to the homes in AMERICA


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