2024 Science Expo

Watch for Updated Science Expo information coming January 2025

How amazing was that!

What an amazing Science Expo it was! Seeing all the students who participated this year was truly impressive. A heartfelt thank you to the scientists for sharing their knowledge with the York community, and to the parents for supporting and encouraging their children to seek answers!

Thank you to all the experts who helped by sharing  their knowledge, encouraging our scientists and taking the time to listen.  Your support and expertise make this event so special for our students!  

A big thank you to everyone who worked hard behind the scenes to make the York Science Expo a success! We appreciate all your dedication to making science fun and exciting for the community.

If you are interested in joining the York Science Expo next year please check back in January 2025 to get all the latest information!;

Tuesday March 19, 2024

Set your calendar for this year's Science Expo.  Entry deadline is February 16th.  Entry forms can be picked up and brought back to the office or using the form link below.  Information packets are available in the office for students to pick up.  Be sure to look over the information carefully.  

Important Dates

Science Expo 2024 Entry Form

click the link below or pick up a form from school office

Information Packet

Click below to find all the information regarding rules, project information, project hints, types of projects,  and a suggested 6-week timetable.

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