Continuity of Education

In response to Governor Wolf’s proclamation issued on April 9, 2020 closing all Pennsylvania schools for the remainder of the school year and in alignment with Act 13 of 2020, the following outlines York Academy's “Continuity of Education” plan. We are committed to continue to provide the best education possible for each and every student under these evolving circumstances using technology tools and remote instructional strategies.

Goal of Plan

York Academy Regional Charter School will ensure continuity of education by providing a Free and Appropriate Public Education in alignment with the Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards and the guidelines of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Middle Years Programme frameworks for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year in the form of comprehensive online planned instruction for all students currently attending York Academy Regional Charter School, grades K-10.

Overview of Plan

York Academy Regional Charter School proactively planned for the move to online instruction prior to Governor Wolf’s mandates and has implemented and monitored the online student learning opportunities put into place beginning March 16, 2020. A document that addresses what family members can expect from online learning at York Academy Regional Charter School was shared with families on March 12, 2019. You can view that document at this link.

All York Academy Regional Charter School students will receive ongoing and systematic instruction in the form of planned instruction. Planned Instruction is formal teaching and learning similar to that which occurs in a classroom setting. Within this process, teachers provide instruction, formative and summative assessment, support and instructional intervention and enrichment to support students’ learning of new concepts/skills aligned to grade level and International Baccalaureate Programme-specific standards. Teachers assess the learning of their students and make adjustments to instruction based upon student progress. In order to receive grade and credit, students must meet attendance requirements by logging in to their courses online regularly and complete course assignments.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning

York Academy Regional Charter School staff will be engaged in the follow activities related to teaching and learning:

  • plan instruction/learning opportunities for students appropriate to course/grade/subject

  • collaborate with colleagues to ensure consistent presentation of course/grade/subject content

  • create materials for online instruction

  • engage with students and families electronically

  • assess and monitor student learning engagement and academic progress; communicate with families and other instructional stakeholders in this regard

  • attend to requirements pursuant to special education (IEP and 504 goals progress monitoring and meetings), gifted, and ELL students.

  • research and participate in professional learning opportunities related to online instruction


All teachers will continue to provide direct instruction, which is formal teaching and learning that includes the introduction of new concepts and skills. To achieve this, teachers will use a combination of these models for delivering direct instruction depending on the content and age of the student:


  • Teachers provide live virtual instruction using video conference that includes white board, and instructional slides, as if they were in a physical classroom.

  • Students attend live classes with their teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom setting and complete assignments during the session.


  • Teachers provide live virtual instruction using video conference that includes white board, and instructional slides, as if they were in a physical classroom.

  • Students attend live classes with their teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom setting and complete assignments outside of the session.


  • Teachers provide instruction through videos or instructional slides. They provide regular feedback on students' coursework, supervise their progress, and are available to support student needs daily.

  • Students have a customized schedule in a self-directed environment, supervised by their teacher. Students reach out to their teacher when they need help or have questions.

Regardless of the direct instructional model, student assignments will be posted directly to Google Classroom. Parents should reach directly to the teachers via email with specific questions regarding student assignments. It will not benefit a student to continue to attempt a lesson if they are struggling. The schedule for virtual classroom meetings is available on this YARCS@Home document.

Communication Tools and Strategies

York Academy regional Charter School is committed to ongoing and timely communication with students, families, and staff during building closure. The following communication tools and strategies will be utilized:

  • The York Academy Regional Charter School website will host this Continuity of Education Plan, as well as webpages dedicated to COVID-19. These pages will include:

    • Communications from the Chief Executive Officer

    • Important Links, and Helpful Resources related to the Coronavirus

    • All newsletter communications disseminated to the York Academy Regional Charter School greater community

  • The York Academy Regional Charter School Google Classroom Implementation will host remote learning resources by Grade, Remote Learning Guidelines for Students and Families, Technology Resources & Support, Teacher Resources

  • Email, text, and phone calls disseminated through district notification systems

  • Classroom teachers will conduct live daily video-conference sessions with students to provide ongoing instruction, and to enable students and families the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional help and support with their online learning.

    • Staff have been asked not to reply to students and family members who make contact via an ‘unofficial’ platform and will only use school email, Google Classroom, Zoom, and Google Meet. Please note that all video conferences may be recorded.

  • GoGuardian, SeeSaw, Class DoJo and teacher-specific resources will be utilized for students in specific classrooms and school programmes (e.g., the school musical’s ongoing online rehearsals and schedule).

Connecting with Students

All classroom teachers will connect with their students multiple times a week. The type of connection will vary, but they will include video conferences, emails, feedback on classwork and live assistance when a student is not successful completing assignments. You can see an overview of all meeting times by visiting the YARCS@Home document.

Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts)

York Academy Regional Charter School is a 1:1 technology school for all students that is committed to supporting students and families during school closures. Surveys were distributed to families regarding additional device and Wi-Fi needs. Additional Chromebooks, iPads and hotspots are available to families as needed.

Information was provided to families through the school newsletter, social media and on our school website regarding how to access Wi-Fi through free public Wi-Fi hotspots and how to obtain free and low-cost subsidized internet service through a variety of local cable companies and support organizations. Additional information about internet access can be found here.

York Academy Regional Charter School teachers and building administrators continuously monitor student engagement and online attendance. Teachers and Administrators reach out directly to students and families via telephone to offer technological support to students struggling to connect to their schooling online. A building administrator is available weekdays to collect and distribute technology needing repair or replacement during the extended building closure.

Staff General Expectations

The following expectations are in place for all York Academy Regional Charter School staff relating to Continuity of Education:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to post learning opportunities to Google Classroom for all students in each class or subject by 8am each school day, in accordance with our Board adopted school calendar

  • Provide a rigorous program of learning and assessment by:

    • ensuring all unit plans, lessons, assignments and instruction align with both PDE learning standards and the International Baccalaureate Framework;

    • providing a high level of details for all learning experiences;

    • specifying formative and summative assessment submission procedures

    • utilizing formative assessment data to continuously monitor student progress and provide intervention support to students who are struggling with meeting academic learning goals

    • continue to assess student learning and provide actionable feedback on projects, tests, assignments and exams

  • Participate in activities as assigned, including but not limited to, faculty meetings, grade level and/or department team meetings, PLC meetings, curriculum development and planning meetings, teacher induction meetings, and professional development sessions

  • Utilize agreed-upon communication plans to interact with students and families

  • Respond to email/messages/inquiries from students, families and York Academy Regional Charter School employees daily

  • Commit to contacting students/families who are not engaging in learning daily

  • Communicate with principals and counselors those students/families who do not respond to communication for support and assistance

  • Utilize GoGuardian platform to monitor student engagement/technological resource use online, and communicate with families and building administrators any concerns that arise regarding student use of technology

  • Continue to serve in supportive roles such as communication with students and families, materials preparation, lunch distribution, and provide other assistance as deemed essential to the operations of our District as directed by the Chief Executive Officer

Student and Family Expectations


  • Establish daily routines for engaging in learning opportunities

  • Log in to all Google Classroom pages and daily planned video conference sessions for each enrolled class daily

  • Students in grades 8-10 check email daily

  • Engage in all learning with academic honesty

  • Communicate proactively with your teachers and school counselor if you require additional support

  • Be a good digital citizen and comply with school internet safety policies


  • Create a daily schedule for the students to follow each day.

  • Plan frequent breaks with lots of physical activity like GoNoodle, outdoor play, or Youtube dance videos.

  • Help students to create a learning space that is not in their bedroom.

  • monitor student progress. Evn middle school and high school students will need check ins to ensure work is being completed and submitted.

  • model positive attitudes towards the change, and lead with courage and a positive mindset.

  • check email and voicemail messages from school and teachers regularly to ensure collaboration and communication.

Attendance / Accountability and Final Year Grades


Students at each grade level are expected to respond to activities and assignments as a means of determining daily attendance. Attendance will be documented by student interaction with the daily learning opportunities. School staff will monitor and reach out to students and families who do not engage in the learning opportunities.

Lower School: During each school day, except Friday, students will be considered “present” if they participating in their daily class meeting. If a student is unable to attend the class meeting, but is able to complete assignments, please notify the teacher so that the student can be counted as “present.” On Fridays, teachers will take attendance by asking students to respond to a question in Google Classroom.

Upper School: Attendance will be taken each school day during Flex. If a student is unable to participate in Flex for any reason, the parent should notify the Flex teacher via email.

Attendance is required. If you have questions about attendance your need assistance, please reach out to appropriate Head of School: Lower School – David Goodwin ( or Upper School – Mike Lowe (

Accountability, Formative Feedback and Final Course Grades

Teacher formative assignment feedback, assignment grades and assignment-specific communication will serve as the primary method of student learning accountability during the Covid19 School-building closure.

Final Course Grades

Students in grades K-8 will receive final course grades for this last school trimester on a pass/fail basis. Current plans for students in grades 9-10 will ensure that all students in grades 9-10 (including students enrolled in Algebra I courses) will continue to receive regular grades in alignment with the Pennsylvania Department of Education Requirements and our Board of Trustees approved policies in order to ensure that all grade 9-10 students receive full Pennsylvania Department of Education graduation credits for the courses they are enrolled in during this academic trimester.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students

Equity for all students has been a focus throughout the planning and implementation of our continuity of education plan. York Academy Regional Charter School utilized a variety of means to ensure that technology access was not a barrier to student learning.

Access to Technology for All Students

York Academy Regional Charter School is a 1:1 technology school, which ensures that all students have a Chromebook or iPad available for their exclusive use at home. Additional devices were distributed to families as requested via family survey and communication with our school administrators. Free and low-cost Wi-Fi options have been communicated to the school community, and hotspots have been provided for students and families who are unable to take advantage of the free or low-cost options.

Learning Opportunities for All Students

All York Academy Regional Charter School teachers, including regular education, special education teachers, school counselors and related service providers will develop learning opportunities on a regularly scheduled basis in accordance with our board-adopted schedule and expectations prior to the COVID19-related building closure. These activities and resources are provided with the intent of re-establishing and maintaining connections to the school resources and school-wide community, and to build upon and extend the learning students experienced prior to COVID19-related building closures.

Ongoing Support of Students’ Mental Health

York Academy Regional Charter School counselors, including additionally contracted counselor services provided through TW Ponessa School Based outpatient counseling services to students, continue to meet with students and provide individual and small group support as previously scheduled the greatest degree possible.

Special Education Supports

To the best of their ability in the online format, teachers will be supportive and committed to the instruction and monitoring of students with IEPs and 504 plans. Every effort will be made when creating online tasks and activities to meet students’ needs. Multiple methods of engagement, representation, and expression will be included as appropriate. Low tech options will be considered for all students as appropriate.

IEP and 504 service plans will be monitored by case managers. Annual IEP meetings and re-evaluations will be completed when due and 504 plan meetings will take place. Meetings will be held by telephone or virtual communication with team members.

Learning support and classroom teachers will work collaboratively to provide activities that differentiate instruction. School staff will collaborate with parents to continue meeting the learning needs of students. Teachers will reach out to families via telephone or virtually to consult. Related services providers will provide needed support to special education and regular education teachers.

Questions regarding Special Education Supports should be directed to the special education teacher for each student. Special Education teachers can be reached via Google Classroom, or via their school email addresses found on our staff directory.

English Language Learner Supports

The English Language Development (ELD) teacher will plan collaboratively with grade level teams to support EL students. ELD teacher will also support EL students with resources and in small groups to continue English language development.

Support of students’ English Language Development (ELD) continues inside the regular classroom through adaptations provided by the classroom teacher. Teachers, students, and stakeholders continue to receive support through consultation and collaboration through Google Classroom support, professional learning communities, professional development resources within staff newsletter, email, Google Hangouts messaging, and push-in support within Google Meets and Zoom sessions.

Support of students continues through “pull-out” targeted ELD instruction, provided (at minimum) two times weekly through Zoom sessions with the ELD Teacher, active monitoring of progress and support of student coursework through Go Guardian and Go Guardian Chat, editing and commenting within student assignments shared within Google Docs/Drive, and email.

Stakeholders and family members continue to receive support through text messaging utilizing TalkingPoints to ensure multilingual communication to families who are not native English speakers. ( Communication is also happening through phone calls and email as possible with the support of school-based translation services to ensure communication with families.

Parent and student support will be provided directly by the ELD teacher, Amy Fox,

Gifted Education

The York Academy Regional Charter School gifted teacher will continue to provide appropriate small group services to gifted students in accordance with their GIEPs. The Gifted Teacher will continue to communicate regularly and plan collaboratively with grade level teams and subject-specific grades 6-high school teachers to support gifted students.

The York Academy Regional Charter School teacher will communicate with families to support the ongoing work of providing virtual continuing of education for gifted students. Gifted education timelines in regard to GIEPs and evaluations will be followed through to the extent possible and will be revised with input from families and the GIEP team as needed. Gifted education meetings will continue to be held as scheduled using phone conferences or virtual video conference meetings.

Parent and student supports will be provided directly by the Gifted teacher, Stephanie Ferrell,

Building/Grade Level Contacts

Administrative Staff:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Angela Sugarek,

  • Director of Curriculum & Instruction: Dawnmarie Ezzo,

  • Attendance Coordinator: TaTyana Abreu,

Lower School Administrative Staff:

  • Head of School: David Goodwin

  • Assistant Head of School: Danielle Cobb,

  • Assistant Head of School: Jeremy Overlander,

  • PYP Curriculum Coordinator: Brooke Bray,

  • School Counselors: Aislinn Cunningham

  • School Counselor: Krystal Reese,

Upper School Administrative Staff:

  • Head of School: Michael Lowe,

  • MYP Curriculum Coordinator: Carol Alvarnaz

  • School Counselor: Tiana Reid,

Classroom teachers can be reached via Google Classroom, or via their school email addresses found on our staff directory.

Additional Resource Links

York Academy Regional Charter School has posted all resources related to Continuity of Education instruction and resources on the school website and on each teacher’s Google Classroom pages.

York Academy Regional Charter School released a guidance document for families regarding what to expect from online learning and how to support students with academic learning at home on March 12, 2019.

Additional resources utilized for communication between staff, students and families include: GoGuardian, Class DoJo, SeeSaw, Email, and

Family Assistance, Mental Health and School Counseling Resource Links

School Counselors’ Contact Information

Mrs. Aislinn Cunningham: Student Services Coordinator & School Counselor Grades 1, 3, 5, 7

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 11am & 1pm to 3pm


Google Phone Number (717) 814-9673 (same hours)

Schedule a Zoom or Google meeting.

Schedule a meeting:

Miss Krystal Reese: School Counselor Grades K, 2, 4, & 6

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 11 am & 1 pm to 3 pm


Google Phone Number: (717) 430-0589 (same hours)

Schedule a Google Hangouts Meeting:

Schedule a Zoom Meeting:

Ms. Tiana Reid: School Counselor Grades 8-10

Office Hours: MWF 8 am to 11am & 1pm to 3pm T TH 8am to 11am


Google Phone Number: 717-814-9430 (same hours)

YouTube Channel:

Schedule a Zoom meeting:

Schedule a Google Meet meeting:

The Counseling Department understands that this time may bring some challenges and we are committed to staying connected with students and families. Some ways we are staying connected are:

  • Virtual meetings 1:1 with students and/or families

  • Providing referrals to the Student Assistance Program and TW Ponessa School Based outpatient counseling services

  • Virtual lunch bunches (Grades K-7)

  • Participating in Grades K-5 classroom meetings

  • Providing guidance activities and lessons through teachers’ Google Classrooms for grades K-7 and through the school counselor’s Youtube channel for grades 8-10

  • Providing resource information and support as needed.