Student ePortfolios


“Postsecondary and workforce readiness (PWR)” describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors essential for high school graduates to be prepared to enter college and the workforce and to compete in the global economy. The description assumes students have developed consistent intellectual growth throughout their high school career as a result of academic work that is increasingly challenging, engaging, and coherent.
The ePortfolio, or collection of work samples, is divided into two sections:
Section I is the CO Standards aligned academic credit earned that is demonstrated through course/passage completion on the student transcript. Students will show mastery by including their transcripts, links to courses descriptions, ICAP: Individualized Career & Academic Plan and ICAP Milestones: Annual Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Review.
Section II is divided into 4 Quests of Essential Skills. These are student skills necessary for successful employment after high school or to continue education beyond high school; these include skills such as critical thinking, creativity, self-direction, cultural awareness, time management and self-advocacy. These skills are grouped under four core Quests of Entrepreneurial, Personal, Civic/Interpersonal and Professional skills. Mastery of these skills is demonstrated by presenting work samples in the form of final projects at end of marking period portfolio presentations. These Quests may be fulfilled through participation in classes, passages, work study, service learning, internships, interim experiences, performances, college courses, Friday field outings, etc.


YMHS 2018-19 Graduation Requirement Checklist.pdf