All students at Yampah must complete 24 units of credit in order to graduate. Every student is assigned an advisor and advisory group to work with during their entire time at Yampah. The advisor and advisory group are the foundation for the school accountability structure to ensure the RIGOR for the personalized learning plan to meet graduation and credit requirements. Student personalized plans allow students to earn credit through a variety of methods including: direct instruction in YMHS classes which include focused “passages” of the content area, individual studies or “personal passages”, online & internet-based learning, post-secondary options, and experiential learning experiences:

  • Students may participate in community-based learning opportunities. We regularly have students involved in service learning at local nonprofits, work-study internships at local business, and studies with artists in residence or other trades.

  • In collaboration with the CO Workforce Center, our online credit program, Key Train, aligned to the ACT Work Keys assessment, is designed to help students reach competency in workplace related academic skills including: mathematics, technology, research & observation, business writing, and teamwork. Other online curriculum to support student learning at an individualized pace includes Kahn Academy and Study Island.

  • Credit can be earned through coursework at a post-secondary institution such as the local community college. We encourage all students to earn dual high school and college credit at Colorado Mountain College in at least 1 class before graduation. Upon approval, YMHS will pay for up to 2 credits per academic semester of guaranteed transfer (GT) courses at CMC.

  • The YMHS Curriculum in each content area is based on the CDE Academic Standards & 21st Century Skills.

YMHS Graduation Requirements

Demonstration of CO Academic Standards and 24 Carnegie Credits required

1 credit= 120 hours credits toward learning the CO Academic Standards

  • Reading, Writing & Communicating (English) 4.0

  • Social Sciences (Civics .25 & Service Learning .25 required) 3.0

  • World Languages & Culture 1.0

  • Mathematics & Personal Finance 3.0

  • Science & Technology 3.0 (Digital Citizenship required)

  • Health, PE/ODE 1.0 (Health Class required)

  • Art, Humanities & Electives 9.0

Once graduation credit requirements are complete, to earn the Yampah diploma, students must present to their Graduation Committee or at a Community Graduation Presentation, a Capstone & Post-High School Success e-Portfolio aligned to the CO Department Education Essential Skills (Quests)

2018-19 Graduation Requirement Checklist