Yampah Teen Parent Program


The mission of the Yampah Teen Parent Program is to support member district pregnant & parenting students to become self-sufficient, involved citizens in their communities while working towards their high school diploma.

In a safe and caring community of their peers, pregnant and parenting teens are provided with education in the best practices of parenting education and early childhood development Children up to age 3 ½ are nurtured on site in our nationally accredited infant and toddler nursery programs. All students enrolled in the TPP participate in the four components of family literacy: HS Diploma, PACT (intergenerational literacy time), Parenting, and Early Childhood Education.

Multi-faceted Curriculum Aligned to the CO State Standards & 21st Century Skills

• CDE academic program, with emphasis on literacy skills, leading to an accredited high school diploma

• Emphasis on post-secondary readiness with support for work study, internship and college and career training

• Flexible scheduling to meet the demands of education, parenting and self sufficiency goals.

• Early childhood education curriculum, parent education, and high school curriculum integrated

Building Healthy Attachments

• Belief that teen parents are capable of excellence and are not bound to "national outcomes"- TPP has a 95% graduation!

• Environment that promotes healthy bonding between parent and child as first priority

• Growth, self-esteem and confidence building for parents and children for future success and breaking barriers

Extensive Community Network

• Community effort: large network of local government, nonprofit and business sector support to ensure success

• Access to community resources- including transportation, food, shelter and health care

• Licensed teachers, school counselors, early childhood educators,

community resource managers, social workers and nurse practitioners