Yampah Mountain High School



The purpose of Yampah Mountain High School is to provide member district students with a personalized learning plan to meet their educational goals, to grow academically & to earn a high school diploma. We provide students the opportunity to become motivated, engaged learners in a small school environment with attention to the whole student.

Advisors support students in designing personalized learning plans that include: YMHS classes, independent study passages, community college classes, internships, service learning, work study and experiential & outdoor education.

High Academic & Career Expectations

• Curriculum aligned to CO Academic Standards & Essential Skills

• Authentic student performance assessment through use of ICAP, Capstone, Legacy Projects and ePortfolios

• Students have a variety of methods for demonstrating competency

• Flexible scheduling to support self-sufficiency and education balance needs

Catalyzing Growth through Connection

•Positive healthy relationships

• Small learning groups

• Multi-aged grouping

• Personalized learning plans to engage and find passion in the educational experience

• Attention to social and emotional curriculum

Meaningful Learning

• Integrated cross-content curriculum

• Experiential and outdoor education led by experienced teachers

• Student projects that pursue interests and passions

• Student choice over how they learn

• Career & College exploration including: dual-enrollment, internships, work study and community resources

• Art, music, theater, technology, and experiential education