Creative Pathways Re-Engagement


The mission of CPR, Creative Path Re-engagement Program, is to provide an individualized and flexible “pace and plan” for students who are returning to complete high school following a period of disengagement.

Students will create a personalized learning plan to meet their educational goals and to earn a high school diploma while employed or otherwise engaged in a schedule that makes it difficult to attend school on a consistent basis. We provide students the opportunity to become motivated, engaged learners in a welcoming environment with attention to the whole student.

Advisors support students in designing tailored learning plans that may include: Work Experience, Internships, On-Line Credit Recovery and Independent Learning Courses, Community College Classes, Service Learning, Independent Study Passages, Experiential & Outdoor education, and occasional YMHS classes.

Students become active self-advocates, who work with advisors to develop accommodating and flexible schedules to ensure that education supports both future goals and current life requirements. Students may work during the day, participate in on-line and credit recovery programs as well as internships and long distance learning options. We commit to working for our students, as they commit to completing their high school diplomas doing …”Whatever It Takes.”

Multi-Faceted and Personalized Curriculum Aligned to CO State Standards, 21st Century Skills and Colorado’s Post Secondary and Workforce Readiness:

· Holistic Academic and Personalized Learning Program with emphasis on Re-Engagement, Credit Recovery, Obtaining a High School Diploma and College and Career Readiness Skills.

· Successful integration into the academic and workforce postsecondary community.

· Established working relationship with career network and or post secondary educational institution such as tech school or college.

Best Candidates for CPR Include:

· Credit Recovery- Students who have been disengaged from school and wish to complete before their 21st birthday

· Students with few credits left to graduation

· Students whose Personal Learning Plan requires greater flexibility

· Students who must work long hours

· Students with personal health and scheduling needs