Course Description: Every student at YMHS is assigned an advisor and an advisory group. Participation in Advisory is required unless your advisor has exempted you from participation for other schedule needs. Examples of reasons to be exempted include: transcript credit completion, work study conflicts, CMC conflicts, service learning conflicts, etc.

Advisory also creates community at our school. Advisory groups will spend time team building and discussing issues at our school or community. Advisory is also a time for students to get know each other and develop our YMHS community.

Students are required to attend and be present and will earn credit- this includes morning Advisory, Work Crew, Interim Plan and Discussion. We take the attendance and participation requirement for Advisory very seriously. This is because Advisory is your opportunity to check in regularly with your advisor to be sure your personal learning plan is progressing. Advisory is also your opportunity to know what is happening at our school, including special opportunities or changes in the schedule. Our experience is that students who do not attend and participate in Advisory are less successful at maintaining their learning plans and often get behind on their passages. Attending, checking-in and communicating with your advisor is key to your success at YMHS.

Advisory is held every morning at it is REQUIRED attendance, students who do not regularly attend Advisory will be put on Academic probation, or “Stepped”, and may lose their spot. Advisory is NOT time for study hall in the large room. Students who do not meet the minimum advisory attendance requirement will not receive advisory credit for that trimester and will be on academic probation the following trimester.

What is an Advisor? In all programs at Yampah, Advisors provide both direct instruction and case management to guide each student to create a personalized learning plan for goals, graduation and to access the varied options of the curriculum. An Advisor has dual responsibility for supporting students toward both academic and affective achievement. Advisors are assigned to students upon enrollment and work directly with the student through graduation supporting the development of relationships between faculty and students. Each year at graduation, students speak about the importance of the RELATIONSHIPS with advisors as a major component in their personalized journey toward graduation.

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