Student Applications

How do I apply?

Yampah Mountain High School

Students enroll as slots open, through our application process. Interested students should contact our Registrar for more information at: 970-945-9463 x100.

The application process includes:

  1. Stop by the school or call YMHS 970-945-9463
  • Completing the YMHS Online Application: click here
  • Complete the YMHS Printable Application: click here
  1. Make an appointment
    • Meet with a school official
    • Interview with faculty, school registrar
    • Visiting the school and/or student shadow

Yampah Teen Parent Program

Interested students should contact the TPP Advisors at 970-945-9463 x211, or our school Registrar at 970-945-9463 x100, to schedule a visit and interview. Referring organizations should contact the Registrar for a referral form. After interview, students are admittedly immediately.

Project Rebound

Students must be referred from their home school or the student's IEP (Special Education) team. After referral, the home school and Rebound IEP teams meet to recommend placement. Please discuss with your student's Special Education teacher or your District Special Education Director. Please contact our school Registrar at 970-945-9463 x100, and asl for the Rebound Director or School Social Worker if you need further assistance.

YMHS Enrollment Welcome Letter