During the 2016-2017 school year, YISD implemented blended learning at the two pilot campuses of Pasodale and Ysleta Elementary, with technical support of Raise Your Hand Texas. These two campuses, now in their second full year of implementation, serve as our YISD Model Campuses

We NOW have eight schools in the Blended Learning cohort! New Blended Learning Campuses for 2018-2019 are Cedar Grove Elementary, Lancaster Elementary and Mission Valley. Last year, in 2017-2018, we added Capistrano Elementary, Pebble Hills Elementary and Rio Bravo Middle School;

Our Blended Learning Design Pillars include: Data Driven Instruction/Flexible Instructional Grouping, Rigor, Student Agency (Through Student Ownership), Campus and Classroom Culture and Competency Based Progression.

The ultimate goal is to personalize and support student learning and growth. Below you will find information on blended learning practices and models.