Youth Enrichment Programs, Inc (YEP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in the summer of 1993 by Tonya Rose-Davis, in the Eastwick section of Philadelphia. Mrs. Davis recognized the need to involve youth in positive alternative activities that would steer them away from less desirable ones.

YEP wants to empower youth by incorporating perseverance, dedication and passion into a program where youth could prosper academically, professionally and personally through skill refinement, goal setting and mentoring. It was through this passion that YEP was born. It also included the vision to have parental involvement, renew a sense of community and pride for at-risk children, and to instill values such as hard work and dedication to carry them through life. Several programs were developed to accomplish the goal of youth enrichment.

YEP has evolved into an organization which provides quality early learning programs in a fun learning environment. This was all accomplished by the vision of one individual, Tonya Rose-Davis, and the commitment of YEP’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, parents and youth who have benefited from these programs.

Since 1993, YEP has serviced more than 2900 children and will continue to reach even more youths in the community for many years to come. As the founder has stated, “...the sky is the limit of what YEP can accomplish”. The only obstacle in YEP’s way is losing sight of the vision, for we must be visionary as early educators.

The mission of Youth Enrichment Programs, Inc (YEP) is to provide preventive services and programming for at-risk inner-city youth that will enhance their self-esteem, provide high quality academic learning during critical developmental years, and enrich their life experiences through social, cultural and recreational programs