Course Reserves


Physical Reserves

  • Stop by the Schmidt Library front desk.
  • Tell the person at the desk that your professor has an item on reserve. You will be asked your professor's last name and what the item is.
  • Check the item out.
  • Item will be due in 2 hours, and must stay in the library.


  • Visit
  • Select Reserves in the green menu.
  • In the E-Reserves section, select the small ereserves
  • Select your article in the list of articles and enter your password. Library staff does not have this password; it can be found on your syllabus.


Physical Reserves

  • Stop by the front desk with the item to be placed on reserve, and fill out a blue Materials on Reserve slip. All information must be filled out on this. You may also request items to be placed by contacting Nancy Godfrey:
  • Personal items placed on reserve will be temporarily added into our catalog, and removed at the end of the semester unless it is placed on "indefinite" reserve.
  • Schmidt Library owned items can not be placed on "indefinite" reserve. They need to be available to Schmidt Library patrons between semesters.
  • Personal items placed on reserve are expected to be picked up by the end of December for Fall semester, and end of May for the Spring semester. If they are not picked up, they will be sent to your department via inter-departmental mail.


  • Contact Joy Rusonis: