Fiction Formations & Services

Fiction Formulations & Services LLC is a drug discovery company providing a broad range of services outsourced on a contract basis for commercial and academic clients.

Our paradigm for drug discovery is to revisit history and rediscover new medicines by using indigenous knowledge, disease pathway analysis, and systems biology to identify new biomarkers for disease and validate novel drug targets.

Fiction Formulations & Services is a biotechnology company inspired by science fiction. We specialize in integrative and multi-disciplinary biomedical research in the private and public sectors.

Through rigorous disease pathway identification and carefully curated bioinformatics tools, we rationally design and standardize synergistic drug combinations.

Our mission is to accelerate science with multidisciplinary research and discover new ways to help people by combining systems biology and ethnobotany.

“With our research on Pre-clinical Bioassays and Public Health, we plan to accelerate the generation of robust, clinically meaningful assays to profile molecular probes using phenotypic and biomarker readouts; ultimately linking novel targets to new indications.”

We envision a society that uses technology to advance health, but with respect to nature and culture.

In order to create this, we are seeking partnerships and collaborations with organizations that are both culturally-based and community-centered.

“Fiction Formulations & Services is developing novel Bioassays to interrogate protein targets and signalling pathways to further our understanding of disease mechanisms.”