Hello everyone! Course selection for current grades 8, 9, 10 and 11 has come and gone. A few things to know:

  • Course verifications (forms needed to make changes if necessary) will be available to students in a few weeks. This will be the last chance to make elective changes so please standby. No changes will be made to prospective course selections in the meantime
  • Again no elective changes will be made after verifications are due. Guidance will be available in August for new registrations, summer school updates, pathway changes, and changes related to rare extenuating circumstances
  • Grade 12' s wishing to return next year must pick up an application in the main office and meet with Administration to be approved for re-admission. Please visit the main office for more information
  • All grade 12's who have applied to post-secondary are responsible for the accuracy of their academic data in OUAC and/or OCAS. Please check and double check that courses are correctly entered with the right mark
  • All grade 12 potential grads are responsible for the accuracy of their transcript and current course requirements re eligibility for their post-secondary programmes of choice. Counselors do their best to monitor student records but it is ultimately the students' responsibility to know requirements for specific programmes. Note that repeat courses count once so please make careful reference to credit summaries received in the February report card.
  • Of course counselors are available to help at all times. Students may book appointments before or after school or on their lunch period.
  • Grade 12 FINANCING YOUR EDUCATION ASSEMBLY March 20th Period 1. OSAP expert Liz Henriques will be here from George Brown to "show you the money"
  • Thank you!

Coming soon to Sacred Heart! New Sector Arts and Culture SHSM

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Scholarship Information Packages (please click right) are ready to be downloaded or picked up in Guidance. The package contains an application for school-nominated scholarships.

2017 scholarship package

Grade 12 to-do list:

  • work hard on all your subjects and avoid the easy path. Grade 12 is supposed to be difficult...it's prep school for the next level!
  • research programmes and schools (e-info website, ontariocolleges.ca, apprenticeship.com, work/study/volunteer abroad, etc) See videos below.
  • attend university and college fairs downtown Toronto (see below) including Sacred Heart fair in November
  • check and re-check programme requirements
  • know your credit history and what you need to graduate/qualify. See the credit summary that comes with your report card every semester. Also check your Career Studies notes from grade 10....do you remember Career Studies? :)
  • accumulate meaningful service hours (no need to stop at 40)
  • research scholarships and bursaries (see link below)
  • learn about OSAP https://www.ontario.ca/page/osap-ontario-student-assistance-program or see below
  • get involved in your school and community
  • take care of your mind, body, and spirit

OUAC (Ontario Universities) schedule of important dates:


OCAS (Ontario Colleges) schedule of important dates:


College/University Fair at Sacred Heart: November 13-17 2017 Representatives from most Ontario colleges and universities will be visiting Sacred Heart during the lunches for the whole week. Students can chat with reps and pick up promotional material on their schools of interest.

Peer tutoring! Be a tutor or get a tutor! Register online...click on the Student Support tab for more information.

Canadian Martyrs, Good Shepherd, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Notre Dame, St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Nicholas, St. Paul

Scholarship Information packages are now available in Guidance. See above


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Grade 11 students interested in joining Health and Wellness the Specialist High Skills Major here at Sacred Heart, please pick up an application in guidance. Grade 12 students are welcome as well, as long as they have taken or are currently registered in Co-op

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Staying Informed

The Guidance Department diseminates information to the students of Sacred Heart CHS through one or more of the following vehicles:

  • PA announcements
  • In school presentations
  • Field trips
  • Bulletin boards found outside of the office
  • Resource materials located in the Guidance Office

Looking for the form to record your Christian Community service? Download here!

Record of Christian Community Service.pdf