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People are motivated by good ideas tied to action; they are energized even more by pursuing action with others; they are spurred on still further by learning from their mistakes; and they are ultimately propelled by actions that make an impact—what we call ‘moral imperative realized’. - Hargreaves, A., & Fullan, M. 2012

Focused on the Needs of Students and Educators

The Renewed Math Strategy is an Early Years to Grade 12 strategy that will benefit from and mobilize the latest research and lessons learned regarding effective math learning, teaching and assessment. The strategy will provide new forms of support to all schools, increased support to some schools with greater needs in math achievement, and intensive support to a select group of schools with the greatest needs in math achievement.

Support for schools will focus on professional learning opportunities for teachers and principals, and will support teachers in planning for effective learning and teaching that includes problem solving, direct instruction, investigation, assessment and practice. This will allow students to learn with understanding, develop proficiency, learn mathematical ways of thinking and attain an appreciation for how math is used in everyday life.

Math Prayer for High School

You're the creator of all time, you balance night and day, within a mathematical framework, infinite and safe.

The Moral Imperative

The data and the presentation for our roll out of the Renewed Math Strategy - October 25, 2016

RMS _Sec_Session 1: October 25, 2016

Strategy At-A-Glance

Starting in September 2016, Ontario is dedicating more than $60 million to help support students achieve better results in math. Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Sixty minutes per day of protected math learning time in Grades 1 to 8
  • Up to three math lead teachers in all elementary schools
  • Coaching for principals of select secondary schools to lead improvement
  • Support for learning at home through parent resources
  • Better access to online math resources and supports such as Homework Help or SOS Devoirs
  • Math support for Grades 6 to 9 outside of the school day
  • Opportunities for educators to deepen their knowledge, including a dedicated math Professional Development Day.

Increased support to some schools:

  • Increased support to some schools will mean approximately 400 elementary and 400 secondary schools where fewer than 50% of students met the provincial standard in Grade 3 math over the last three years (with more than 30 students eligible to participate), where fewer than 30% of students met the provincial standard in Grade 6 over the last three years (with more than 30 students eligible to participate), or fewer than 50% of students in Grade 9 applied math over five years met the provincial standard, will receive increased supports.

The Renewed Mathematics Strategy: Key Priorities

  • More precise and personalized instructional strategies will be emphasized for students with special education needs.
  • The achievement of students in applied mathematics courses remains a key priority for the Renewed Mathematics Strategy
  • Skills such as reasoning, problem solving, and communicating mathematical thinking are essential.
  • The Renewed Math Strategy will help us to focus on what important for math learners in the 21st Century.

Video Resources - Michael Fullan: System Reform and Monitoring Progress: