New Catholic Stouffville Schools

Information, Biography & Preference Forms

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming out to the Thursday April, 12th public information evening for the planned multi-use Catholic school in Stouffville. The community input during the meeting was well received and very much appreciated.

We look forward to keeping the Stouffville community informed and will periodically provide you updates on the status of the project using this website.

School Naming Preference (open until May 15th):

Please review the list of names (from above menu option or by clicking on biographies below) to help with your selection(s). You can choose a maximum of 3 options for the Catholic elementary school and a maximum of 3 options for the Catholic secondary school. You can also add an option. Please note that this form is anonymous.

Notice in the top menu there is a option called "Elementary Biographies" and "Secondary Biographies".