Jean Vanier

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Health & Wellness

Inovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Conference (I.C.E.)

In May of 2018 our Grade 11 Health & Wellness SHSMS students completed the second ever mandatory I.C.E. training at Cedar Glen in Schomberg. It was during this important certification that students learnt how to apply solutions to real life scenarios in a Dragon's Den learning environment. After implementing strategies learnt throughout the day and developing teamwork skills, student teams pitched their ideas to a panel of judges who posed the initial problem. Our Jean Vanier SHSM students represented us well in developing multiple strategies that were immediately praised by the panel of judges. Way to go team and congratulations on yet another certification!

Beyond Fitness Certification

In February of 2018 our current grade 11 SHSM students completed their fitness certification by Beyond Fitness. This certification taught students the importance of safe weight and cardio training. Also, students learnt how to construct their own personalized training program based upon specific patient requirements.

Canadian Blood Services @ Jean Vanier

On November 28th, 2017 the SHSM students of Jean Vanier held a Blood Typing and Swabbing event in the main hallway at Vanier. This event brought insight into the importance of blood donation, identification of your own blood type and what it means to be a Stem Cell donor. This was the first time our SHSM program has attempted such an event and efforts will increase in the following years to educate everyone on the importance of blood donation.

It is our goal as a SHSM program to eventually open this service up to the surrounding community and host a full blood donation event at Jean Vanier CHS that is run by the SHSM students.

All testing was done on site by volunteers from the Canadian Blood Services.

SHSM Certifications

Recently our SHSM students completed their mandatory certifications:

  • CPR Level C with AED
  • Standard First Aid
  • Infection Control

Congratulations to all successful participants on obtaining their certifications!!

Jean Vanier CHS is now on Twitter!

For all recent SHSM news, our new @JVSHSM twitter is available for you to get up to the minute information regarding important initiatives, learning opportunities and events being conducted by our Jean Vanier SHSM team.

Welcome all new SHSM students!!! (September 2017)

In the next few weeks we will hold a meeting for all current and new SHSM students at Jean Vanier CHS. Please listen to the announcements for the time and location. If you are a grade 11 student and currently considering entering the SHSM program at Vanier, please see your guidance councillor or Mr. Ladewig in room 231 for all inquiries. I am looking forward to this new and exciting year and hopefully we can make it a memorable one with many engaging certifications, experiential learning activities, and reach ahead experiences. I looks forward to meeting everyone.

Sincerely, Mr. Ladewig

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Training ~ May 9th, 2017

This year our grade 11 SHSM students completed the first Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) training at Glen Cedars Outdoor Education Centre in Schomberg, Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Education and University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management have introduced a new Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) certification for students pursuing all SHSM sectors. This certification offers a viable strategy for teaching students top global competencies, identified by employers worldwide as vital to meet the needs of our ever-changing workplace.

During the ICE process, community sector partners present authentic, real-world challenges for students, who spend a day developing potential solutions through empathy and need finding, ideation and prototyping, and strategy and testing. At the end of the session, student groups pitch their ideas back to community partners.

Throughout the province, the ICE process has produced some amazing results which, in some cases, have actually been adopted by the community partners. All current grade 11 SHSM students are invited to participate in this free, resume-building opportunity. Check out this to learn more.

Congratulations on to all grade 11 SHSM students for completing the Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship training through the SHSM program at Jean Vanier Catholic High School!

Georgian College Visit ~ (April 28th, 2017)

On Friday April 28th, the Health & Wellness SHSM students at Jean Vanier visited the Georgian College campus in Barrie, Ontario. This experience gave students a real glimpse into the university life, classes/programs and careers available to those pursuing a post-secondary education in the field of Health & Wellness.

Students were able to attend real workshops in the areas of Pharmacy Techniques, Medical Terminology, Registered Massage Therapy, Nursing, and Lab Practices. This Reach Ahead experience provided students with not only firsthand experience of the educational practices involved, but into what a potential profession has to offer/demand on a daily bases, as students were exposed to many professionals in each of these fields.

Congratulations once again to all Health & Wellness SHSM students for participating in this Reach Ahead and obtaining yet another valuable certification.

Sports Taping & Wrapping Certification ~ February 13th, 2017

This year all grade 11 & 12 SHSM Health & Wellness students took part in completing their Sports Taping & Wrapping certification, instructed by Wellness by Oluchi. This certification gave students important skills used for the care of injuries and the protection of an athlete. Taping is an important part of athletic training and it is one area of proficiency that Athletic Therapists should have, in addition to customizing protective equipment and rehabilitation.

Students learnt how taping and wrapping could prevent and facilitate an injured athlete's return to competition and how the tape should limit the abnormal or excessive movement of an injured joint while also providing the proper muscle support that has been weakened due to injury. Student practiced various techniques on each other in such areas as the hand, arm, leg, ankle, and knee. Congratulations to all SHSM students who successfully completed their Sports Taping & Wrapping Certification.

York Region Emergency Paramedic (EMS) ~ January 19th, 2017

Students had the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the daily duties, responsibilities and services that a first responder provides in York Region during this Reach Ahead Activity. During this session, a trained EMS Paramedic ran through real-life scenarios with students and discussed possible and logical solutions or outcomes to various medical emergencies.

Music Care Conference @ U of T ~ November 12th, 2016

In November, several Health & Wellness SHSM students from Jean Vanier Catholic High School attended a SHSM Reach Ahead opportunity at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.

The Music Care Conference (MCC) is an educational day for caregivers and musicians interested in integrating music and care in regular practice. For more information, visit

WHY? Music is increasingly being recognized in health care communities as an effective means of care. Music care is an approach that uses music with intention, knowing that therapeutic principles of sound and music affect us and can have specific outcomes. Music care integrates sound, silence and music into life, paying close attention to how interpersonal connections and human contact is enhanced through music associations.

WHO? MCC is for anyone who wants to learn more about the role music plays in care. Participants include allied healthcare providers, family and volunteer caregivers, care receivers, musicians, faith-based and community agencies, students and the community-at-large.

Mandatory Certifications ~ October 3, 5 &17, 2016

Over the course of 3 days, the Health and Wellness SHSM students obtained their four mandatory certifications in CPR Level C, Infection Control, WHMIS, and Standard First Aid. These certifications while useful in almost all daily situations, they provided students with experience in areas desired by specific medical & health educational streams and professional settings. Congratulations to all those who participated.