Sticks Knitting Mentorship Membership

Your personal mentor on your knitting journey!

Sticks is an supportive online knitting class and mentorship membership program with a monthly technique focus.

"I want to lift you up to your full potential in the craft!"

Kathy Thomas

Each month there is:

  • a technique video dropped in your site

  • a new bundle of patterns to explore the technique and pattern ideas for all levels

  • a live teaching class on Zoom

  • live on Zoom question and answer/show and tell session

  • a private Facebook group

Gain confidence no matter what your knitting level, from brand new to experienced knitter.

Get the support you need while progressing in the craft! By practicing the monthly techniques you are more secure jumping into a big project you have always wanted to do. When you want someone to have your back on a project, you know you're in the right place when you're in the Sticks Community.

Have you ever gotten a project home and thought

"I'm in over my head!"

In the monthly Q&A sessions, we'll take a closer look and get the tools you need to succeed!

Have you knit for a bit and want to know more about how to modify the pattern to suit you?

As the program progresses, you will get to know your fabric and gauge which will help give you the freedom to adapt a pattern to your needs. And the best part: Kathy always has your back to help you along the way!

Have you made more scarves that you know what to do with, and want to choose something different, but don't know what?

Explore all the possibilities with the monthly pattern bundles using the Technique of the Month!

Are you looking for a community for like minded people?

The passion for the craft unites us all! Join the live Zooms and connect with your fellow Sticks members.

Is Facebook your thing? Sticks has a private Facebook page too!

Do you knit, love it, and wonder "What's Next"?

With the progression of the monthly technique focus, your skills will develop naturally and give you the tools you need to choose your next projects.

.. Go from a crooked scarf to a project even your mother in law would be proud of!

Develop confidence and skills for the freedom to choose the project you desire.

You'll look at different patterns in a whole new light every month!


Contact to get more information on the knitting mentorship membership.