2018 Midterm Election Voter Guide

Welcome to the 2018 Midterm Election Voter Guide! On November 6th, 2018, voters across the country will be casting their ballots for everything from their United States Senator to town ordinances. Yarmouth High School is hosting a mock election to give our students the chance to practice voting and become educated on some of the issues we are voting on. It's also an interesting opportunity to learn more about the demographic and beliefs of our student body.

Midterm elections are held on the even numbered years between presidential elections. (For example, if a president is elected in 2000, the midterm election will be in 2002.) During midterm elections, one-third of the United States Senate, all of the United States House of Representatives, and most State Governors are up for election, as well as local-level positions.

This year, voters in Yarmouth will be voting for:

  • United States Senator
  • United States Representative to the House
  • Maine State Governor
  • Maine State Senator
  • Maine State Representative to the House
  • District Attorney
  • Judge of Probate
  • Sheriff
  • County Commissioner

As well as things such as bond issues, citizen initiative, and some town ordinances.

This voter guide will introduce you to the political parties of Maine and all of the candidates running to represent the town of Yarmouth in November. Remember, it is always good practice to educate yourself about candidates and issues before casting your ballot. If you want more information, many of these candidates have websites of their own.

Note: Most of the information on these candidates was obtained from the League of Women Voters Website and the candidates own websites. Click on a candidates name to go to their website if you want to learn more!