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Esty Horror Science Fiction Landing Doc 2020-2021
Esty 4B Freshman English Landing Doc 2020-2021
Esty 2W Freshman English Landing Doc 2020-2021
Esty 4W Freshman English Landing Doc 2020-2021
Esty 5W Freshman English Landing Doc 2020-2021

Summer Work

Freshman Literacy Challenge Bingo - Summer 2020

Freshman Summer Work

ELECTIVE Horror Sci-Fi 2020 Summer Assignment

Horror SciFi Summer Work

For fun, I'm currently reading....

I loved the original Hunger Games series, and I was surprised to hear the author had written in a new book. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes takes place before Katniss is born. The story follows a young President Snow from the original series. A young man, he enters the hunger games in order to help save his family... I know, it's fascinatingly similar to Katniss. *cue serious intrigue*

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