Art Meets Science-

The Jill Pelto Project

Art Meets Science

Jill Pelto Project

What is it?

Communicating about climate change is vital in helping more people learn about how the world or their community will look in the near future. As both an artist and a science communicator, Jill Pelto uses interdisciplinary approaches to share environmental science with students of all ages. Jill makes paintings that incorporate research data by pairing graphical information with visual imagery. Her hope is that her art encourages audiences to connect with scientific data in ways that are emotionally relevant.

Your Task:

You will choose a topic in environmental science that has graphical information to support it. Using that graph you will create a piece of art that connects the data to biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors that influence it.


  1. Explore Ideas - Choice Board Found here

  2. Choose Topic

  3. Find a graphical representation

  4. Research effects of biotic and abiotic factors

  5. Start drafting your piece of art- sketching an outline of a graph and a few organisms

  6. Approval from teacher to start your final draft.

  7. Final Draft

  8. Informational writing on back explaining the environmental issue and connection to the art. (2 paragraphs)

Grant made possible by the Yarmouth Education Foundation.