Three Strikes

Prosecutors can dismiss strikes in "furtherance of justice" they can also amend a misdemeanor to a felony

If you have been arrested, charged with an offense in the past that falls in the jurisdiction of the criminal justice law,Misdemeanor or Felony, and just got arrested for a similar offense then this is your 2nd strike, if it is your 3rd time around with similar accusation then this is your 3rd strike

Any arrest is serious. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you. Bill Paparian is that attorney.

  • Second strike offense: The sentence is twice the prison term otherwise required. This brings you very close to three strikes. It is crucial that you hire the attorney that will pull you out of this without any judgment against you.
  • Third strike offense: Three Strikes imposes longer prison sentences for anyone convicted of a felony who has one or more previous convictions for serious or violent felonies.

It is important to realize that the new conviction can be for any felony, not just for a violent or serious felony.

Third strike offense sentence is life imprisonment with a minimum 25 years sentence.

Further, Strike sentences must be served consecutively not concurrently. Probation, suspension, or diversion are not allowed. "Good time" credit in prison is one-fifth the term rather than one half. Time since previous convictions not considered.

Prosecutors can dismiss strikes in "furtherance of justice" and they can also amend a misdemeanor charge to a felony. Also, judges have little leeway in strikes sentencing, as the prison terms are set by law.

Because of the increased severity of second and third strike sentences, you need an attorney experienced in handling such cases. I am that attorney.

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