Equal for All!

Not everyone is the same. In fact, no one is alike at all. We are all different in our own way; however, just because you may look or act different from someone else, doesn’t mean they need to be treated differently. There's a lot of diversity in the world, and with that diversity, there is bound to be discrimination. Discrimination by definition is a prejudiced outlook, action, or treatment. This can include name-calling, exclusion, physical, and mental harm. This is also known as bullying. Discrimination, like bullying, can happen anywhere. You could be at home, in the street, at the mall, in school, or even online. There isn't really a place that you can escape discrimination. It could happen to anyone. It can tear someone down like bullying and make them question their self-worth. No one should ever have to go through discrimination because they are being themselves. It is a shame that no one can truly express themselves without backlash; however, here at Yadkin Early College, it is a safe place. Everyone here is kind and always ready to help. We believe that everyone should be treated equally, that no one should be singled out for being themselves, because everyone is unique in their own way. They can’t help that. They shouldn’t. It’s what makes them special!

Contributed by Autumn Dockery