Teacher Hero

Every teacher at Yadkin Early College is amazing. Though we do not have as many teachers as a traditional high school, it doesn't matter. Most teachers here teach multiple subjects. They all do their best to make everyone feel welcome and loved. All the teachers here are very deserving of this nomination for school hero. However, we felt that no one was more deserving than Ms. Slawter. We sat down briefly with Ms. Slawter and asked her a few questions.

Contributed by Autumn Dockery and Juan Hernandez
What Major did you pick and why?“School Counseling, because I wanted to help students who were first-year graduates like me. To help guide students to get them ready for college classes to help them have better future opportunities.”
What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome?“Since I was a first-generation college student I had to navigate campus life and academics independently. While my mom helped me with college, she did not know all the answers to my questions. Just being a first-generation college student and also finding the money to fund my education. A personal obstacle would be trying to overcome the self-doubt that I wouldn’t achieve my dreams.”
What College did you attend?“I got my masters degree at Appalachian State University and I got my bachelor degree from Salem College. Salem College is also an all-female college. Since we could take some classes at Wake Forest I was in the marching band and I was in the color guard, it was really fun. I also did the dance team at Salem, however, I enjoyed the color guard the most.”
Why did you decide to become a teacher?“I wanted to give students the support to reach their goals. I wanted to give students a safe place to talk about any concerns or needs. I just wanted to use my talents to help students discover their strengths and future dreams.”
What do you want to be remembered for and why?“I want to be remembered as someone who cared about her students and encourages them to see the best in themselves.”
Interviewed by Autumn Dockery and Juan Hernandez