Hannah Sanchez

What made you come to the Yadkin Early College?"Before applying to the Early College, I thought I would apply and see if I liked it. I knew it would be different, but I really didn’t want to waste time in my education in just ordinary high school. Through my whole thought process, I thought it was a chance I couldn’t pass up, but if I didn’t apply, it would be a chance I would have let go by. "
What are you involved in at the Yadkin Early College?"I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and I’m also on the cheer team. I am in Interact Club to help volunteer in the community, not only benefiting myself with the hours, but helping others along the way."
What are your hobbies?"I love to sing, hike, play any sport... is talking a hobby? I’m a social butterfly for sure."
Celebrity Crush?"Hahaha, I don’t really have one."
Favorite thing about yourself?"I am really good at giving advice, becoming a friend to anyone I meet and a natural leader."
What do you want your legacy to be?"To always look on the bright side of things."
Favorite YEC memory?"Although, there are many amazing memories from this year, anytime in PE was always fun. We worked in teams and really built one another up, trying to find our strengths. My fellow classmates are very competitive."
Interviewed by Mackenzie Farrell and Megan Mabe