Basketball is one of the sports in the Early College cup and it takes place during the winter. The guys had two teams this year, as well as the girls. The guys first team had J.P. Holleman, Tyler Kimmer , Adam Gunnell, Lathan Curry, and Kyle Killingsworth. The second guys team was made up of Thomas Cox , Eliab Calderon, Brandon Killingsworth, Nathan Tabor, Jack Reavis, Marcos Popoca, Isaiah Riggins, and Malakai Sharick-Duckworth. The first team came first in the Early College cup, and the second team came in third place, losing to Stokes. The first girls team had Alexia Dela-Cruz, Kendra Davis, Kari Davis, Hannah Sanchez, and Samantha Anderson. The second girls team was Susana Gonzalez, Gisell Hernandez, Olivia Pizzuti, Destiny Diclemente, and Odalis Galeana. The girls teams got first and second place respectively and ended up facing one another in the finals for the Early College cup. Both sets of teams played aggressively in all of the games.

Contributed by Jack Reavis and Brandon Killingsworth

Images courtesy of Thomas Cox and Kendra Davis respectively