In this subsection, there are poems that other students have given to us, each of them being unique.

"My Own Colors"I couldn’t do things thereWithout getting scared.I felt out of place,Always hiding my face.
But here I thrive,I feel more alive.I show my own colors,Ones that are like no other.
Here I can bloom,And always stay true.What people say doesn’t matter,I’m climbing my own ladder.
Here, with people alike,I will always be alright.No one is like the other,Because we all show our own colors.
Contributed by Christopher Carper

"The Pack"
A wolf is lonely until it finds its pack,Some will never find their pack,But we are lucky because we found ours,Our pack might be large,But we are mighty when we are one.
We have come together in so many ways,But we have also fallen apart,But, we will always know who we are,We are the wolves,But we are also the pack..
Contributed by Mackenzie Farrell

"The Title"

I'll make it later

said the procrastinator

he never made it

Contributed by Ton Nguyen


We are the Wolves, and nothing less

We are powerful and make a mess.

Our color is red and black,

And together we stand as a pack.

We have our pride and knowledge,

And that's why we are in the Yadkin Early College.