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Fine Art Survey


Once a 6th grader enters YACS they are enrolled in our Fine Art Survey Class. This class is designed to further each child's understanding of the Fine Arts. When we discuss the Fine Arts, we are speaking about creative writing, music, visual art, drama (including theatre and film) and dance. This course is designed to introduce and educate our 6th grade learners on the history of all arts as well as various New Orleans artists.

The goal in giving 6th graders the opportunity to explore the fine and performing arts is to prepare them to select an art form they will focus on for the remainder of their middle school years. We would like for every child to make an informed decison on their artistic practice. Once they enter 7th grade they will then enter our prepartory program where they will select an artform that they will take for an enitre year.

They have a choice in:

Instrumental Music

Visual Arts



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My name is Mr. Jett. Music is my life and I enjoy teaching it to the youth of my city.