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Most available Student Information Systems and Learning Management Systems force schools to choose between a limited number of educational models. This restricts those with the actual answers to improving education - the educators in our schools - from building truly innovative educational approaches.

xSoTec knows that you have ideas you have not implemented because your LMS is not flexible enough. That is why we created a suite of tools that work within the Google Apps for Education suite, allowing educators the ability to build their own learning management system, use dashboard templates developed by other schools, or mix and match to create a mixed system with new and borrowed ideas.

Quick & Flexible

With our iterative platform, our systems can match the speed of your school's innovation

Education is finally breaking out of the traditional factory model, and we have the capability to keep up with how quickly educators are breaking out of that outdated approach by using our flexible tools to apply new changes to your entire data system in a fast and simple process.


Working within the G Suite for Education, our tools are easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

Build on top of Google Sheets as an add-on, our system works easily with a system your school already is familiar with, and is compatible with Google Classroom as well as many other systems you may already have, such as Canvas or Schoology.


Our system is free of data agreements, hosting fees, or long-term contracts.

Built from our founder's experience in education technology consulting, we are driven by the desire to provide reliable and cost-saving solutions for schools. That's why we offer our add-ons for FREE, work with Google Classroom, and acquire no server fees under the GAFE agreement.

We have experience helping schools across the globe create the custom systems they deserve.

Current clients are working with us to have their systems match their advanced attendance and behavior models, optimize their acceptance processes, and create student gradebooks in various education models (including competency models, growth models, engagement systems, goal-based learning.)

In just two years we have acquired incredibly innovative clients from Philadelphia to Qatar!

"True educators innovate for the benefit of students. At xSoTec you are in good hands to innovate and create products that are great for students to evaluate their own data to become the critical thinkers this world needs."

Samuel Abrams, Principal of QAST

"Copyscripts and Admin Console have been invaluable tools for Building 21. Communication of progress and growth in a competency-based model is essential for students and families. Using these tools allows us to quickly prototype and iterate different dashboard designs within a few hours and immediately propagate changes to all of our users. We would not have been able to learn as quickly as we have without these tools."

Thomas Gaffey, Chief Instructional Technologist

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