Here at xSoTec, we strive to create a flexible data management system that can fit any and all of your needs.

Our founder's experience in the Philadelphia School District as a Google and technology consultant led him to invent a new flexible, accessible, and cost-effective dashboard solution that fits with any school's innovative vision.

The building blocks of our dashboard products, our Google Add-on utilities have been created by our company to expand on the power of Google Sheets and Google Drive. We have provided these for free so anyone can have the tools to make their own data management system.

By combining the features of our unique Add-on with our design and development expertise, we can quickly and efficiently make a product for your organization.


AdminConsole enables us to create a template of a Google Spreadsheet and then replicate across an entire organization or school. Once replicated, we can also use adminConsole to edit all of those spreadsheets manually or programmaically using the xUtil library below.


CopyScripts allows an organization to copy and manipulate large amounts of data from one or more spreadsheets to one or more spreadsheets. Using triggers, we can move the data automatically on a daily or hourly basis. Using the xUtil library below copyScripts is fully functional from within Google Apps Scripting as a library.

Backup System

Using this tool, you can create copies of any file within a folder on a regular basis. If you set it create a backup daily, it will only create a backup of the file if you have edited the file since the last time it was backed up.

Using adminConsole and copyScripts, we are able to quickly create flexible systems for educators.

We believe in a collaborative process, and often discuss with clients how to further develop our open-source code to their needs, trying to find the optimal way to help each organization. We prioritize understanding how your school works and how best to create a system that will help teachers and students interact.

You can find out more about our Google Dashboard and custom solutions here.

Interested in trying out the add-on for yourself? Download our xSuite add-on package here.