A complete education

Post 16 at XP continues to prepare you to be successful in the modern world by engaging your hands, head and heart as you work hard to get smart, while being kind.

As adults, you will be judged by who you are and the quality of your work. This is why we focus relentlessly on character growth and beautiful work as well as qualifications.

Qualifications will get you through the door. Who you are and the quality of your work will get you the job, the place at university, the start up business loan.

Whatever your path, wherever you want to go, whoever you want to become, we will support you to be the best version of you.

What is the XP Diploma?

The XP Diploma is the programme of study offered by all XP schools. It combines qualifications, personal development, careers guidance and personalised pathways to prepare our students to be successful in the modern world.

The programme is co-constructed by the student, parents and XP and is based around three central, reflective questions:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • Where do I want to go?

From these collaborative discussions a programme of appropriate academic qualifications, such as A Levels, BTEC Nationals, GCSEs and V Certs, will be agreed.

Alongside this offer, personal development focused on character growth and community impact will positively shape both the student and their environment, furthering their studies of the Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

The Diploma is indicative of our determination to personalise the learning experience of students so that they are fully prepared to be successful in the modern world.

This is our ongoing pledge to all our students.

This is the XP Diploma.